When Will I Get Married? (and 8 Other Questions that Plague Singles) :: REVISED EDITION

When Will I Get Married?

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  • When Will I Get Married?
  • What If I Don’t Like the Singles Ministry at My Church?
  • Why Won’t You Ask Her Out?
  • What’s the Secret to Being Content with My Singleness?
  • Should I Tell My Boyfriend/Girlfriend About My Struggle with Pornography?
  • What’s the Single Most Destructive Thing You Can Do with Your Singleness?
  • What’s Debt Got to Do With It?
  • What If I Don’t Want to Get Married?
  • NEW: How Do I Deal with Loneliness?

Since it’s the 2-year anniversary of our first-ever eBook and since time changes things, we thought we’d celebrate by revising “When Will I Get Married?”. And, while we were at it, we figured we’d throw in another question that plagues singles. So not only does the book have a new look, it also has another chapter!

Chances are, if you’re single, you’ve struggled with several, if not all, of these questions. We have too. They’re not simple questions with one-paragraph answers. They’re the kind of questions that are recurring and nag against our contentment. Some keep us company in the dark nights when our minds begin to wander down the roads of “what if,” “what could’ve been,” and “why me.”

When Will I Get Married?

Since the single life was never meant to be lived solo, our free eBook, When Will I Get Married? (and 8 Other Questions that Plague Singles), speaks to the questions that tend to linger in our minds. We know the power of these questions can hold because we’re walking the single road, too. It’s why we created Single Roots, and it’s why we created the eBook.

When Will I Get Married?

It’s important to talk about the frustrations of single life with others who understand, but it’s more important to remind ourselves that our lives are not defined by our marital status but by our relationship with Christ. When Will I Get Married? (and 8 Other Questions that Plague Singles) attempts to address both of those areas.

When Will I Get Married?

Soooo…you know you’re dying to find out how we answer the question, “When Will I Get Married?” Last time you checked, we didn’t believe in fortune telling, so how in the world could we possibly answer this oft-Googled question. Curious much? Get your copy of our free eBook, When Will I Get Married? (and 8 Other Questions that Plague Singles), by becoming a SingleRoots email subscriber today using the box below or the one at the top of the page!


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  • Sara Anderson

    It’s true, I read the ebook in one sitting.  Several pages in, I found myself reaching for a highlighter because there were so many great quotes that I wanted to remember for later.  My end decision?  If SingleRoots were to write a book for profit, I would sign up for an advanced copy. 🙂

    • I cannot even wrap my head around the task of an actual book book! It exhausts me to even joke about! 😉

      Thanks for your continued support and encouragement, Sara!