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Christian Cafe ReviewOur Christian Cafe Review Bottom Line:

  • GOOD: Filters, Quick Matches, mobile options
  • BAD: Too many bells and whistles
  • TAKEAWAY: It’s a solid Christian dating site but, in our opinion, eHarmony still trumps it.

Of the six sites we’ve reviewed in our Best Christian Dating Sites post, only three are exclusively Christian (in ownership and target audience): Marry Well, Christian Crush, and Christian Cafe. We really hoped we could write a Christian Cafe review and wholeheartedly endorse it over many of the other dating sites, especially since we weren’t able to do the same in our Marry Well review, but we just couldn’t quite go there.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are some of the reasons we like Christian Cafe:

Christian Cafe Review :: Pros

  • You can filter your searches. When it comes to Christian filters, Christian Cafe allows you to search based on Christian faith (with selections such as, “It defines who I am,” “Still trying to figure it out,” and “I believe in God), denominational preferences, and church involvement (don’t attend, attend occasionally, deacon, work with the youth, pastor/elder, mission trips, etc.). You are also able to narrow down profiles that have been inactive, which is more than we can say for some sites. All of these things allow you to find profiles of people who share similar spiritual convictions as yourself.
  • If you don’t feel like creating your own search, Christian Cafe also offers Quick Matches. Based upon your profile answers, they match you with other members who fit your criteria for a good match. They also allow you to search for males or females within your region. We like the control that you’re given in a search, but we also like that you don’t have to do all of the work if you don’t want to.
  • A few other things Christian Cafe does well: You are able to block members from contacting you if you so choose, and they offer mobile apps for both Android and iPhone. Both of these things are important factors when choosing an online dating site.

Christian Cafe Review :: Cons

  • We think that Christian Cafe is on the right track with the way it gives members control, but it just seems to go overboard, which we feel contributes to a bulky and outdated aesthetic. For instance, do we really need to have eye color or fashion sense as a search option? (Are you really going to turn him/her down if they don’t have eyes as blue as the sea? Or if he wears jorts? Wait…) Or—and we’ve discussed this before on our Christian Mingle review—is it really necessary for an online dating site to have a prayer forum? (Who is really on that site for sincere prayer? Please.) What about the ability to wish any/all members a “happy birthday”? (Isn’t that what Facebook is for–sending birthday wishes to people you never would’ve acknowledged previously?)  It just makes the overall feel slightly more…desperate? Christian Crush definitely has a better balance to asking good questions for finding like-minded Christians.
  • The biggest reason we can’t give it the wholehearted “yes and amen,” though, is because of numbers. Granted, Christian Cafe certainly has more members than Marry Well, but the site is nowhere near the Big Three–eHarmony,, Christian Mingle. For example: a search for 26-30 year old males whose “faith defines who they are” and “have been online in the last week” within 100 miles of our DFW area zip code resulted in under 300 profiles. Additionally, a search for 26-30 year old females with the same description and same zip code distance resulted in just over 200 profiles. Considering this is a major US city, the number of profiles just can’t compare to the big sites.

It is important to note that Christian Cafe has an alliance with Focus on the Family and they supplement membership with blog posts and dating/relationship advice. Focus on the Family is also the mind behind Marry Well.

Denise, a 25-year old from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, participated in our Online Dating Experiment trying out Christian Cafe for 3 months. Read about her experience: Month 1, Month 2, Month 3. Denise’s experience is similar to others we’ve heard from, too.

All in all, we don’t dislike Christian Cafe. We think the site has a lot of great qualities and is a good value when it comes to online Christian dating. Certainly, when it comes to exclusively Christian sites, Christian Cafe is your best option.

You can get a 10-day FREE trial by following this link, so what do you have to lose?

Have you tried Christian Cafe? What are your thoughts about the site?

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Last updated: 7/20/2016

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  • Fred |

    Thanks for the review…

  • Jeff c.

    Don’t waste your money, poorly run site. Tons of fake profiles from non- existent people.
    A scammers paradise.

    • butterfly

      Thank you for this review.

  • John Clark

    I dated a woman I met on here a few times. Also interacted with a few other women online there.

    The site is legit. But one still does have to be careful. For example, I complimented one woman on her beautiful picture with her child and I guess she felt guilty. Her picture suddenly changed to her current look which wasn’t as complimentary. She had originally posted a picture that was 20+ years old.

    Yes there are scammers there too. But they are easy to spot: Pictures that don’t look “real”, have profiles with red flags, and quickly start asking for things when contacted – money and email addresses are the top two that come to mind.

    I was fortunate as the woman I dated looked better than the picture she had posted. She’s a nice person and I think sincere about her faith. Unfortunately we were miles apart on several issues and the relationship came to an abrupt end. Not the sites fault at all.

    I ended my membership at Christian Cafe because I decided internet dating wasn’t for me. But I wouldn’t discourage anyone from giving it a go. If your careful and patient I think you can met some great people.

  • kf

    I happen to stumble on this site after searching online for a good christian dating site. Well, I am glad I came here. I have been a non paying member ( free trials ) which are offered once a month and although, I like the site, there are not as many people active nor many people. I’ve noticed the same people all the time. This is what lead me to search and give another website a try. However, I’m having a hard time finding a good site that 1, has plenty of people and 2, that is a real christian site.

  • Jason

    My subscription just ended. Here is my basic take on it from my blog:

  • Dodo

    I’ve been on CC for over a year and although the site is good value for money I remain somewhat divided… The Matches the site automatically generated had little added value as far as I could observe. The interaction with some of their moderators could have been better at times as well as far as cordiality was concerned but maybe that was a cultural or coincidental monday-morning thing. The international character of the site is sometimes poor and definitely not actively encouraged among its members which is a missed opportunity in this day and age for Christians everywhere. On the plus side, I did not have the impression it was a scammers paradise and the forum posts definitely gave valuable insights into the profiles of some of the users you would want to contact or avoid.

  • IAMreigns

    christiancafe is one of the most dishonest sites I have encountered. The admin is disgracefully dishonest…sort of added to my view of christianity as a dead religion with hypocrites on the whole. If you pay them they are OK if you do anything…otherwise they will come out with some bogus excuse to make you pay!!!

  • Davey

    Me and my wife met on christian cafe. God brought us together absolutely. There are ungodly creeps on there sure, but there are good legitimate people on there too. Im sure its the same on any christian dating site. Only one I ever tried, but I liked it.

  • Ursa Major

    Does anyone have an issue with the large number of shallow people that are on these supposed “Christian” dating sites? I mean, you think, being Xtians, they would not be so outrageously picky in choosing a mate:
    “Nah, can’t date him, he’s bald” …”Nah can’t date her, she’s got kids of her own”…
    “Nah, can’t date him, he’s 2 inches too short”…”Nah, can’t date him, he has brown eyes”.

  • simon

    Reviewers above, I suggest you re-check this site and do another review! ChristianCafe is operated by scammers! Be aware! When offered a free trial for three days, everything seems perfect but as soon as the trial is over you are unable to search, review/edit YOUR OWN profile or even REMOVE YOUR OWN PROFILE…They then leave your profile on the site (even after you request it to be deleted) to entice new members. As soon as the trial ends you will receive emails from expired or fake members that you cannot read until you produce your credit card…. The review above is either way outdated or somehow fraudulent!…I repeat, Christian Cafe is a complete scam! I’ve been trying to remove my profile for two years!

  • LG

    Christian Cafe. Don’t waste your time or money. I want to say first that I tried a couple sites. Eharmony was by far the best and can highly recommend them. It’s all true, the commercials, compatibility matching, you name it. I know, I met my amazing spouse on there. But life was taken far too early from cancer and now, after nearly five years, I signed up with CC. The one and only thing positive to say is thankfully I only bought one month. From the start their antiquated site was driving me to frustration. It’s as if it was set up for dummies. That a time machine dragged them from 20 years ago. An exam ple. They stubbornly refuse users to search matches with pics only. Really? This was their response to my inquiry: “The reason we have not set the search up to sort only by photos is
    that some members elect to not have their photos posted”… (duh)…”This may be for reasons of privacy or their own personal choice”… (duh + red flag)…”Also, members need time to post their photos and not all have access
    to current technology to get their photos up quickly”… (really? my 80 yr old parents do)… “We want to ensure that these members’ profiles are browsed as well.
    Your special match could be among those profiles – don’t pass them by!”…(that’ll ENSURE we browse their profile – Not!). Then there’s the scammers and trollers, and a lot of them. Too many. I;m seriously questioning most profiles now as to their legitimacy. Never had a fraction of them on Eharmony. Oh, and did I mention the price point for this outdated site – too much. Also, people Ive been emailing with suddenly vanished without a trace along with our communication. CC said the account had been deleted – no further explanation. Two of us had been emailing right up till hours before. Very strange. They even match you up with non active members who haven’t logged in for months. And all this in under one week of signing on. I could go on but why bother. They’re a 1 star rating while charging a comparable price to reputable, professional, relevant, state of the art, 5 Star sites. CC is a fail.

    • LG

      Update: They’ve been soliciting membership renewals lately. This is taken from there actual promotion:

      “SAVE 59%”
      one installment of $42.97
      (was $49.95 – SAVE $7!)

      Please tell us on what planet your mathematical equation can possibly state a 59% savings on the regular price of $49.95 is $42.97…??

      I’ve shown this to some friends thinking I must be mixed up but instead we’re all stunned to your claims of 79, 71, and 59% off.
      59% off would be approximately $20.48, yet you are stating that the true 14% savings is 59%.

      One comment was a goat could do better math. Christian Cafe, this is either horribly embarrassing or grossly shameful for it’s disingenuous misrepresentation.

  • Julie Morgan

    I met my husband on CC and we were 6500 miles apart my hubby from Wellington, New Zealand (yes the country) and I am from Nevada. We went from a wink to marriage in 7 months. Are we saying it will or should be like that for everyone? No. But it has shown us that when God is in the middle he can move mountains and make things happen that neither of us would even have thought plausible let alone possible. All the best in your search!

    • Currently on CC

      Hi Julie, I’m on CC as well and you and your husband’s testimony for August 2014 is a real testimony that when people are willing to put God first, leave all the “he or she has to be hot, from this or that denomination, MUST be this and that”. (notice how God decreases while the Flesh increases? Hmmm!), then there will be much more testimonials like yours and “G’s” union. Blessings upon your marriage Sis 🙂

  • victoriamin

    I agree with Jeff. But Christian Cafe is no different from any other site that bills itself Christian or not for that matter. It is like finding a needle in a haystack; you are more likely to find a rusty nail.

  • heaveniscallingrsvp

    Christian cafe has continually ‘” spammed ” with advertisements for month’s after checking it out I found the price little high I am homeless and on disabilityso I contacted them and ask them if they can lower the fee then I might join the reply from their staff was ” what kind of security could you provide a wife I have wife ” doesn’t sound very Christian to0 me sigh

  • davidmcelroy

    Actually, yes, some of us DO care quite a bit about eye color. Why would it be a negative that a site offers a filter that matters a lot to some people, even if you don’t understand it? That’s an irrational complaint about a site.