How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

How much does eHarmony cost?” This is a question many ask when trying to figure out the best online dating sites.

While it’s true that the eHarmony rates can run slightly higher than other online dating sites, it’s not significantly higher. Let us break it down for you…

How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

For starters, it costs nothing to join the site, create a profile, and receive matches. But, if you want to see pictures, communicate with those matches or use any of the other bells and whistles on the site, it’s going to cost you.

If you want one month of membership, with no strings attached, no recurring payments, no discount, that’s going to cost you $59.95. It’s certainly not a bargain.

>>  The Most Popular eHarmony Question: How to Get a 3-Day eHarmony Free Trial

But if you’re willing to stick around for a while (they recommend trying it for no less than 3 months), the eHarmony price tag gets better.

eHarmony now has 3 types of memberships: Basic, Total Connect, and Premier.

A Basic plan gives you all you need to communicate with your matches. While the exact numbers vary based on current offers, a 12-month basic plan will run in the ballpark of $18-20/month or around $225-230/year. A 6-month Basic plan will be around $25-30/month or around $165-170/year.

A Total Connect plan offers you everything in the Basic plan, plus a premium personality profile, secure calling options, and a verified ID. It runs around $25/month or $288/year for a 12-month plan and $30/month or $180/year for a 6-month plan.

A Premier plan gives you all of the above features along with an Ultimate Guarantee that you will be in a relationship within 12 months or you get another 12 months free, no questions asked. Furthermore, you are able to communicate with all of your matches, even the ones who are unpaid, you get your own personal profile advisor, and you get a dedicated support team to contact whenever you need help. Twelve months of Premier support is going to cost you around $42/month or around $500/year.

Answering the question: “How much does eHarmony cost?” isn’t as simple as it used to be now that they have several different plan options. And keep in mind that even the numbers we have could change if you use a discount code like one of these:

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Last updated: 7/20/2016

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  • Barb

    This site has hidden “stop my subscription” buttons and they tricked me into spending an additional $200+ because i did not cancel the automatic renewal. One cannot stop that until they have paid the last payment and even then the way to stop is so well hidden I could not find it.

    Additionally, as a person over 60 they made terrible age-inappropriate matches.

    • locha

      Thanks for you advice I was about to do it.

  • Dan Foss

    A little more? Give me a break. It is ridiculously expensive compared to any other site.

  • Jumper

    Lots of fresh meat on this site.

    • LAslam

      Get your pork on Jumper.

  • Scott

    These sites are notorious for making it difficult to unsubscribe from and hence stopping your card from billing billed. Solution- buy a prepaid visa or debit card for a couple of dollars and only put the amount on the card(plus an extra couple of dollars for fees) that you’re prepared to pay. The site doesn’t realise it’s a prepaid card.

    The way these sites work is -generally speaking- unethical. Therefore you need to protect yourself.


  • molly

    i no longer want your services but cant seem to get through to company you will no longer recevie any money from me