Christian Mingle Scam…Really?

Is Christian Mingle a Scam?”

People can be leery of online dating–and sometimes with good reason. It can be difficult to determine if websites or the dating profiles you’re seeing are legit. Remember Notre Dame player Manti Te’o and how he might have been the victim of a catfish scam? The jury is still out on Te’o's experience, but regardless, it’s important to do your research. But then, you know that, or you wouldn’t be reading this post right now, would you?

Christian Mingle Scam...Really?

(Side note: “catfishing” is a fairly new term that’s been coined when a fake Internet profile [Facebook, Twitter, online dating] is created to lure and deceive a person.)

But let’s get back to the topic at hand: Christian Mingle and whether or not it can be trusted. Here’s what we know:

Christian Mingle Scam :: Is the site a scam?

There are online dating sites that are run by scam artists, to be sure, but Christian Mingle is not one of those. It is run by a legitimate company, Spark Networks, who owns a multitude of other online dating sites as well as other websites.

Some might call it a scam because it’s not owned by a company that is “Christian,” but Spark Networks has never pretended to be Christian. They’re simply targeting a specific demographic and providing a service for them. We know many people who’ve been perfectly happy with their Christian Mingle experience. A company that provides the service it has advertised is hardly a scam, in our opinion.

Christian Mingle Scam :: Are members running a scam?

It’s highly possible that there are people who are members of Christian Mingle (or any other online dating sites) who are scammers. In fact, it’s not just possible, it’s happening. (See “Manti Te’o” above.) But that’s not solely a Christian Mingle problem. Have you checked your “Other” messages inbox on Facebook lately? Chances are you’ll have a few scammers in there trying to strike up a conversation with you about how attractive you are in an effort to get money from you.

What we’re saying is: It’s all about internet safety, kids. We all need to use caution when getting to know people online. Use the safety confines of the online dating site to get to know the person before you decide to give out more personal information, like your phone number, or agreeing to go on a date.

Christian Mingle Scam :: Use good judgment

Christian Mingle is a legitimate online dating site, which now rivals eHarmony and for the most members. It’s because of their large database of profiles that many choose them as a good avenue for pursuing online dating; however, it’s also because of their large database that there are certainly people who are trying to scam other members. And to be fair, with millions of members, there’s no way they can police every single profile. But if you use good judgment and don’t rush the process of getting to know someone, it can be a good experience.

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  • Debra

    Christian Mingle keeps renewing you even after you uncheck the box, when you exit it automatically renews your account again and again and they will not give you a refund or delete your profile!

  • Angie

    I cancelled my account with Christian Mingle and they continued to charge my credit card, and refused to give me a refund. Their policy is they don’t give refunds, ever.

  • Barbara

    What a rude awaking for me ….I thought I would enjoy being in a room full of brothers and sisters in Christ….OUCH….be very careful going into the chat rooms….very cliquey and very dangerous for your walk ….