Review 2015 :: Christian Singles Tell It Like It Is ReviewOur Review Bottom Line:

  • GOOD: Number of members, allows you more control
  • BAD: Christian filters are not that great
  • TAKEAWAY: We’d like even better if it had more options for finding like-minded Christians.

When we conducted a survey before we began reviewing the best Christian dating sites, the results showed many of the people who tried online dating had used eHarmony or or both. Knowing that, it was important for us to make sure we included a review along with all of the others.

A reminder: When we review the best Christian dating sites, we do not mean we review only Christian dating sites exclusively. We review both Christian and non-Christian online dating sites because many Christians are using them as tools to find other single Christians. We analyze numerous factors, including and especially how easy it is to find other like-minded Christians on the site.

So, about that review?
We like it.
For more details, read on…

We like it as much as we like eHarmony. In fact, we would probably like more, except for one reason. But we’ll get to that. First, let’s start with the three things we like best about the site:

It’s the oldest site around and one of the biggest. If you’re in a city or a rural area, finding matches in your vicinity should not be as difficult as it would be for smaller, newer sites like Marry Well and Christian Crush.

Control allows you access to their entire membership database. For those who dislike eHarmony’s system of measuring out daily matches with little other option, then Match certainly solves that problem. Any biographical information written must be approved by Customer Care, so the true Control Freaks might not like that, but those of us who don’t want to read inappropriate material are fans of that safety net.

Sometimes there are so many options on a site that it becomes difficult to figure it all out. has a number of options, but the site still remains user-friendly and all of the bells and whistles are clearly explained. Also, the site doesn’t leave you on your own in your search if you want some assistance. They offer daily matches, Match Me (places you in the daily matches of someone you really like), mutual matches (based on profile information, you’re looking for someone like him/her and he/she is looking for someone like you), reverse matches (he/she may not meet your match criteria, but you meet his/hers), and other options such as favorites, email, winks or chatting. For the more adventurous, even has local meet-ups and live events in select cities, as well as trips.

The issue that bugged us the most when we were writing this review was their Christian filter. It’s just more difficult to narrow down matches to those who are like-minded Christians. Calling oneself a “Christian” can mean many things to many people. Granted, the site offers many search options that are helpful in narrowing the field. They let you mark if faith is a dealbreaker for you, and in the custom search options, they allow you three choices in the “Christian” category: Christian-Catholic, Christian-Protestant, and Christian-Other.

eHarmony takes things one step further and allows you to choose from a list of denominations and other sites, such as Christian Café, allow you to get even more specific and get into church involvement levels.

You also can add keywords to your searches, so limiting profiles to ones that include words like “Christian” or other church-y terms could possibly help narrow down your results. (This also helps if you’re searching for matches who love coffee or the Green Bay Packers or travel, too. Just an FYI.)

We know people who have found other like-minded Christians on Match, so it’s far from impossible. All we’re saying is it might be slightly more difficult to weed through the profiles to find the kind of Christian matches you might be looking for.

Overall, when it comes to top Christian dating sites, we can’t help but find to be one of the best on the market today.

It’s FREE to look at your matches by following this link to, so what do you have to lose? Or if you’re ready to sign-up, here the link for 20% Off of

Have you used the site? What do you think about it? Love it, hate it, indifferent? Share your thoughts with us!

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  • Lettie131

    I am from London England and use
    They all have their drawbacks but as long as you know how to create a purposeful profile, and you know how to question people and explain your faith, know what things you will and will not compromise and have a clear understanding of the purpose, responsibility and commitment of marriage, it is possible to use any heterosexual dating website.

  • JustinC

    One way to help weed out the what Christian means is by what you put in your profile.  If you talk some about Jesus it will do two things.  1. It will keep some of the wrong people away (make sure you want to do that – ha and 2. It will help you show up when the right people key word search etc.

  • katiebug

    I am a Christian (Protestant) and met my future husband (Catholic) after 3 months on Match! I have to say there were a lot more creepers and non-Christians on the site–at least that was my impression–but hey, if you find the right one, it’s worth it. As long as you have patience and remember what you’re looking for, I’d recommend it to anyone.

  • Robert

    I do not recommend I signed up for a one month subscription thinking that it would just expire after one-month because they had a one-month, three-month and six-month option. This was the second time I had tried it after 2 years. The matches were not good and I keep receiving pop- ups. The expiration date came and went and they automatically renewed my subscription. Two days after my “expiration” date, I discovered my credit card had been charged for another month. It was not clear that my subscription would be renewed automatically. They wouldn’t credit me the amount. This site is just a money maker under the guise of playing on the sentiments of lonely people. In a way, it was my fault for signing and not trusting Jesus in this area of my life.

  • Becky may have a large number of matches but they have been accused of credit card fraud and selling customers information to the public. Subscribe at your own risk.

  • ryanmarcantonio

    I had the guarantee and still didn’t go out Once with anyone..

  • tinkerbellj2388 is horrible I had the subscription for 6 days, I had signed up for 12 months but changed my mind and wanted to cancel. They refuse to cancel my account and give me a refund for unused days. This is just bad business especially in the 6 days the matches they sent me were nothing i was looking for.

  • Kendra

    Christian mingle is discriminatory against black women,
    I was allowed to browse the site freely for weeks until, I posted a picture of myself. Suddenly, I was suspended. Are there no beautiful black women in America!!!!???
    Who would now want to go through sending my id and a payment to a site that is clearly racist, now I see why so few black women are on that site. WE ARE NOT ALL NIGERIAN!!!! and they
    could of handled my case with some human decency by sending a email requesting the verification and not slapping me with a suspension. I know when I’ve been singled out.

    Plus the matching system does not even take your preferences into consideration. gets my vote

  • RachelAN

    I think Match is good overall but their filters kind of stink when it comes to matching. I have men with kids marked as a “deal breaker” yet 80% of my matches are men with children. It’s frustrating that such an important filter is basically ignored.