Alone on a Friday Night? 8 Things to Do with Your Evening

Put down the takeout menu and live a little…

So you’ve found yourself alone on a Friday night wondering what to do. You’ve scrolled through your contacts on your phone, Facebook, and Twitter, and everyone else has plans. You’ve run out of friends to call, and you’re flying solo.

Sure, you’d rather be spending the evening with people, but unless you’re due one good night of takeout and tv watching (limit 1 per month), put down the egg rolls and the remote control, consider these options, and dang it, live a little! Or, at least do some things you’ve not made time for.

1. Go on a date with yourself

Brandon is a self-professed expert in dating himself. Check out his advice, but maybe choose your cuisine a little more wisely than he does—unless you think it’s frugal to save some barbecue sauce for later. Or if going on a date with yourself doesn’t sound fun, here’s a little trick to test drive eHarmony for free any weekend of the year.

2. Cook something new

Thanks to Pinterest we now have access to a million new recipes we never knew existed. The sheer number of Nutella recipes alone could keep you practicing your culinary prowess for the entire weekend. But know when to say when. Nutella’s good stuff, but it’s not worth passing out from a sugar coma.

3. Call/Hang out with family

Some of us don’t have an issue with keeping up with dear old Mom and Dad. Others of us have to be held at gunpoint. Consider this your threat. Call your mom. Mother’s Day is Sunday, but call her tonight, too. Just because. And while you’re at it, call your grandparents, siblings, and your aunts and uncles. Or, even better, go see a family member. Of course they drive you crazy, but you don’t have anywhere else to be tonight, so you can deal with your emotional upheaval later in the privacy of your own home.

4. Find a new coffee shop and people watch

No, Starbucks doesn’t count. It has Target locations for crying out loud. Find a different coffee shop that you’ve never been to or a diner—some place that people gather to hang out. Bring a book to read or to pretend you’re reading. Note: If you’re not an expert at people watching, and you don’t know how to observe other humans on the sly, then don’t choose this option. Leering or making eye contact is not acceptable and is grounds for dismissal from all future people watching endeavors.

5. Skype or FaceTime with friends in another city, time zone, or continent

You’ve been putting friends off because you’re too busy. Well, now you have a free night. Who cares if it’s Friday? Note: This only works if you have a Skype account or an Apple product and people in other geographical locations. If everyone you’ve ever known is in your town, then this does not apply to you. Move along.

6. Hang out with your married friends

Some of us are bad about losing touch with our friends once they get married. Sure, they have a lot of obligations–a spouse, kids, work–but some of them would really love to see us more and would enjoy meeting us for dessert or coffee after they help their spouse put the kids to bed. So what if it’s 8 or 9 o’clock before you meet them? What else have you got to do? Go to bed early?

7. Browse a bookstore and don’t buy anything (or do)

Get a bunch of magazines you never have time to read or Steve Jobs’ biography that you have no intention of buying or conduct research in the travel section for your summer vacation. Take a stack of books to a table in the coffee shop and enjoy having time to do something you’ve been putting off for a while. There’s no coffee shop in your bookstore? Good for you for not contributing to the Monster, but that also means you’ll need to support a small business and buy something. At that point, you’re ready to refer back to #4.

8. Road trip

This idea is not for the faint of heart, those on a tight budget, nor those of you who hate spontaneity. Choose a nearby city/town you enjoy visiting. If you’re in Dallas, go to Fort Worth; Minneapolis, go to St. Paul; Nashville, go to Chattanooga; London, go to Oxford. Take a risk and book a cheap hotel room on Hotwire, and go explore for the evening and morning.

Bonus: Spend time with Jesus

Yes, we totally just played the “Jesus card.” But come on, an entire evening alone? Don’t waste it.

Bonus #2:

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What other ideas would you recommend? Share them with us in the comments below!


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  • Jess Mueller

    I may be in the minority here, but I LOVE alone time on Friday nights. Maybe it’s because I am truly an introvert who spends everyday living like an extrovert, but nothing beats a quiet Friday night with some delicious food and a good book (or movie, or catching up on blog reading or going to bed early!)

    • Lore Ferguson

      I’m with Jess. Friday nights are sometimes some of my only nights at home. I’ll take ‘em as long as I can get ‘em! 

    • SingleRoots

      Absolutely, Friday (or any) nights at home alone ARE good things—necessary times for rest and recuperation!

      But if someone finds themselves vegging on the sofa nearly every other night of the week, too, then these are some alternatives.

      Or, if someone really WANTED to do something, but was hesitant to do it because they were alone. Just a few ideas and a little encouragement. :)

      • Lore Ferguson

        I’m especially a fan of #8. Spontaneous road trips are always my favorite! 

    • John

      Since you’re a girl, would my girlfriend like to be alone on Fridays, or would she want me to be alone with her?

  • Lettie131

    Get on the underground/metro/bus and notice how few people smile. Smile at someone who catches your eye.
    Take a walk around your neighborhood. Find out what’s happening on your doorstep. Nod and say high to people as you pass, maybe even have a conversation.
    If you have a river near your home, take a walk by it. You never know what you might see, street entertainers, lost tourists, homeless folks, even long lost friends.

  • Leelee

    As an introvert, sometimes I do need a night in to recover after a long week. However, there are also plenty of times when I want to get out and do something. Even introverts get bored.