Resisting Spiritual Blessings: Pushing Back on the Things I Don’t Like

So I know I’m the only one, but I have some opinions about things. Lots. Just a few.

And I’ve been known to draw a line in the sand a time or two and resist certain things based on principle (or stubbornness, arrogance, or sometimes just plain stupidity). Most of the time, my resistance is not because the things are necessarily bad, but rather because of a personal preference or a prejudice that I’ve developed based on my experience or advice of others. I generally try to be an open-minded person, but several times I’ve shutdown any and all willingness to compromise on certain matters.

Resisting Spiritual Blessings: Pushing Back on the Things I Don't Like

1. Cruises

I am a planner. I love to plan and organize everything, and I’d plan and organize your life, too, if you’d let me. If vacation planning were a spiritual gift, I think it would be one of mine. Considering how much I love the act of planning itself, I’m not a big fan of cruises. They just don’t require the use of my spiritual gift of vacation planning, like say, a trip to Europe does. You show up, get on a boat, eat a lot of food, dock, sight see (from a list of planned activities), get back on the boat, and repeat. I just think it sounds a little…boring. So I’ve never been on one, and I might be a little snobbish about it. I’m okay with that.

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What If There’s No Expiration Date on My Singleness?

For your Creator will be your husband, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is His name. He is your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. The God of all the earth.” (Isaiah 54:5)

I’m not sure how my brothers in Christ see that verse, but as a single woman in her late 30’s, I can easily see how God is my husband. God has been the one I go to in many situations for which I would go to my husband if a husband was a part of my story.

What If There’s No Expiration Date on My Singleness?In my adult life, I have bought and sold one house and bought a second one. I have made many financial and healthcare related decisions while living with a chronic disease. I have changed jobs and moved three times. I am currently in between jobs and have joked with my friends that I’m a housewife without a husband.

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7 Ways Married Couples Can Serve Singles in the Church

As we began this SingleRoots journey, we were blessed by many of our married friends who supported and prayed for us. So many times we hear from them that the things we publish on the site are not just for single people and how they, too, have been encouraged by what they’ve read.

singles in the church

Recently we received an email from a married couple asking us how marrieds can serve singles in the church. We were so grateful for this couple’s heart. Truth be told, it caused us to step away from the computer and take a moment to praise the Lord for how He’s building up His Body—all parts of it.

How can marrieds serve singles in today’s church?

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Single and…Helping to Plant a Church

Editor’s Note: This is another installment in our “Single and…” series where we will interview singles from all walks of life. It is our hope that you are encouraged by the stories of people who have a similar journey as you, who share the same dreams you have, who face the same hurdles you do, and who can remind you that you are not alone.

We love hearing about any single who is living counter-culturally, especially those who say, “Why not?” when considering something offbeat, like moving across the state to join in the work God is doing in another city.

Single and Planting a Church

We first met Matt Moore last year through some mutual college friends. We’d heard a lot about his blog and his testimony about coming to Christ just a few years ago from a lifestyle of homosexuality, but one of the things that most intrigued us about Matt was how he, along with our friends, was moving to New Orleans to help plant a church.

Of course we had a ton of questions, like Why? How? And…WHERE? We caught up with Matt recently, and here’s what he had to say about being a part of a church plant as a single adult:

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The Struggle to Find My Place in the Church

I just needed a break.

I had been involved in various part-time ministry positions for years, not to mention teaching full-time and finishing seminary.

So when I ended my term as an interim children’s minister, I decided to take some time off and sort through the details of my life—like if traditional church staff roles were even what I was supposed to be doing.

The Struggle to Find My Place in the Church
What I really needed was to be a follower and not a leader for a little while. Of course, I would still be involved in serving the church, but I was in a season of life where I needed people to pour into me. I needed them to remind me that I was deeply loved and to tell me it was okay that I had no idea where my life was headed.

When I finally got over my pride and allowed myself to admit that I needed respite, it was as if I was able to breathe again.
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