What If I Don’t Like the Singles Ministry at My Church?

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Do you remember ever reading about a singles group in the Bible?

Did Jesus only hang with the single disciples? Um, no. Were Paul and his entourage exclusively single? No, married people were included. Did some of the prophets get frustrated because they couldn’t find a church with an active, age-graded singles ministry?  No, they had bigger fish to fry such as golden calves, Israel’s disobedience, and the brutality of the Babylonians, just to name a few.

Singles MinistriesThe fact of the matter is singles ministries, while tools for spiritual growth, ministry, and connecting us to a larger community, are not Biblical mandates. They are great avenues for broadening your social circles, but they also have a way of separating us from that same larger church community. [Read more…]

It Takes a Village (or a Church)

It’s been dubbed “a divine new game show.” (Seriously.) Cheesy clichés aside, the Game Show Network launches a new reality dating show tomorrow night called, It Takes a Church.

It Takes a Village (or a Church)

Hosted by Christian singer Natalie Grant, the show will feature a different congregation each week tasked with finding potential matches for one of their unsuspecting single congregants. At the end of each episode, the single person will choose their favorite suitor and the parishoner who matched them will win a donation for the church. Don’t worry about the ones who didn’t make the cut. GSN has a partnership with Christian Mingle, so each of them will receive an annual membership to the site. [Read more…]

When Will I Get Married? (and 8 Other Questions that Plague Singles) :: REVISED EDITION

When Will I Get Married?

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  • When Will I Get Married?
  • What If I Don’t Like the Singles Ministry at My Church?
  • Why Won’t You Ask Her Out?
  • What’s the Secret to Being Content with My Singleness?
  • Should I Tell My Boyfriend/Girlfriend About My Struggle with Pornography?
  • What’s the Single Most Destructive Thing You Can Do with Your Singleness?
  • What’s Debt Got to Do With It?
  • What If I Don’t Want to Get Married?
  • NEW: How Do I Deal with Loneliness?

Since it’s the 2-year anniversary of our first-ever eBook and since time changes things, we thought we’d celebrate by revising “When Will I Get Married?”. And, while we were at it, we figured we’d throw in another question that plagues singles. So not only does the book have a new look, it also has another chapter! [Read more…]

What We’re Liking These Days :: March 2014

Some months are slow, and we’re scrambling to even make a list of the things we’re liking that month. But this one? Not a problem. March delivered, and it delivered well. We actually had to cut a few things off our list because it was just growing too long.

What We’re Liking These Days :: March 2014

From the holy to the mundane, here’s our latest collection. We hope these links help you in some way—even if it’s only a new ridiculous YouTube video to show your friends. Laughter is good medicine, right?

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What We’re Liking These Days :: February 2014

Evidently Winter can’t stop, won’t stop, so we’re all hanging on by a very thin thread waiting for Spring to arrive. Between the storms this weekend and more snow on the horizon, it looks like many of us across the US could use some indoor reading material.

What We’re Liking These Days :: February 2014

So let us help a brother or sister out. Here’s what we’ve been liking for the shortest (longest) month of the year:
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