eHarmony Free Communication Weekend: What, When & How

Cheap is good, but what’s even better is when we are able to get something for free on one of the big online dating sites, like an eHarmony free weekend. Let’s face it: the word “free” is in all of our love languages.

What? You didn’t know that was possible? Yep, it certainly is.

Before you go getting all kinds of excited, you’ve got to remember that eHarmony is a business, so they’re not going to give away a free membership to just anyone who asks for it. While getting an eHarmony free weekend will certainly be helpful, you’ll find that it still lacking when compared to a full, paid membership.

However, if you want to just kick the tires around and see how the site works, then an eHarmony free communication weekend will certainly suffice. It’s important to remember, though, that as great as an eHarmony free weekend might be, you still don’t have full access to the site. (You can, however, get a 3-day free trial membership, but that is different from a free communication weekend. A free trial membership requires a credit card and there’s a strict cancellation process.)

Oh you can create a profile, you can upload your own photos, you can receive matches, and you can message back and forth with other profiles during the weekend. But one glaring thing is missing: photos. You are not able to see a match’s photos. Those are reserved for paying members.

It’s kinda brilliant marketing if you think about it. They give you opportunities to communicate with someone and hit it off, but if you want to know if you are fully attracted to them, it’s gonna cost you. And, at that point, more often than not, people are going to want to pay up. It’s the nature of the system.

Granted, we have heard of people who move the conversation over to Facebook or regular email or the phone—and that’s a possibility for many. But there are others who aren’t quite so comfortable with letting someone into their Facebook world or giving out phone numbers, so eHarmony provides a safety net until they are ready to move forward. It’s those people the company is betting will ante up at least a one-month membership fee.

When is the next free eHarmony weekend? Will there be another one soon?

Since we’re not privy to the inner workings of the company, we don’t know the exact answer to that. If we were to make an educated guess, though, we would estimate that it will occur around the next American holiday. The trend right now is for them to drop a couple of eHarmony free communication days on/around holidays, like the one they recently did around Thanksgiving weekend as well as Independence Day weekend. But they’ll also throw them out there whenever they feel like it, too.

Your best bet is to take the personality test, create a free profile, and get to know the site a little bit. Eventually, they’ll send you an email letting you know about another upcoming eHarmony free communication weekend and you’ll be ready to give it a try.

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  • A. Nony Mouse

    These ‘free communication weekends’ are bogus. Nine times out of ten, the site is down or you can’t log in for the whole weekend. It’s a scam.