Does Christian Mingle Work?

“But seriously, does Christian Mingle work?”

We hear you.

You’ve seen the commercials and the ads on the sidebar of your Facebook feed. You’ve read the reviews online, but maybe you don’t personally know anyone who has used Christian Mingle. So you really want somebody you trust to tell you if it works or not. Well, that’s kind of our job.

Does Christian Mingle Work?

Does Christian Mingle work?”

So here’s the deal: We’ve been members of Christian Mingle. We’ve winked and chatted and emailed back and forth with other members. We’ve even been on a few dates with matches. The system works.

The matches we went out with were solid, like-minded Christians who loved the Lord. They weren’t freaks, they weren’t scammers, and they weren’t socially awkward. They were normal people.

We know other people who are Christian Mingle members as well, and they are enjoying their experience.

Again, if the question is: “Does Christian Mingle work?” Our answer is, “Indeed.”

But we don’t think that’s really the heart of the question. We think the real question being asked is, “Will a Christian Mingle membership help me get married?”

And we have no answer for that.

Because online dating doesn’t always lead to marriage. Sometimes it does, of course, but not always. And we certainly know people who’ve found their true love after both short and lengthy membership stints. But just like Christian Mingle can’t guarantee that you’ll be going to the chapel in one month or less, we can’t tell you that either.

It just depends. It depends on how active you are on the site, on the profiles you communicate with, on chemistry, on life, on–oh, you know–stuff like God’s will.

So if your overriding question for whether or not to join is, “Does Christian Mingle work?” we want to remind you to see your membership for what it is–an opportunity to meet potential dating candidates that you would not have been able to meet otherwise. But we also want to remind you that your chances of meeting someone special are higher when you “work” the system. Translation: Don’t log in and lament how no one has interacted with you when you haven’t interacted with them. You need to check out profiles, send winks or messages, and make an attempt with other members you’re interested in.

See it as an opportunity to get to know more people of the opposite sex, learn more about yourself and what you’re looking for, and maybe share a good meal and good conversation with someone.

We do know that if you put too much pressure on yourself or Christian Mingle or dating in general, it can leave you quite frustrated. So just enjoy it and see what happens.

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Last updated: 7/20/2016

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