The Intentional Life: 5 Simple Ideas for Making Your Summer Count

We talk about living an intentional life around here a lot. It means a lot of different things, we know. But for us, within the context of this SingleRoots community, it means making our time count for the Kingdom.

The Intentional Life: 5 Simple Ideas for Making Your Summer Count

We realize that not everyone in the world gets the summer off. (Congratulations to the teachers of the world. We’re so jealous of happy for you!) Regardless of your career situation, though, there is something about summer that is refreshing and slower. It just feels like people take time to do some of the things they forget to do throughout the year.

So in the spirit of a slower pace, we thought this summer could also be a time where we as a SingleRoots community pause to notice others and take an account of the needs around us with a little more clarity than we do the rest of the year—a time to focus on living a more intentional life.

We’ve come up with 5 simple ideas for making your summer count—a variety of actionable ideas that can be put into practice whether your schedule stays the same or you’re on the beach in Hawaii (bless your heart) or you have a slim bank account. [Read more…]

SingleRoots Summer Reading List 2012

Looking for a summer read? Check out these suggestions!

We can’t really have a collection of summer playlists without a collection of books to suggest, now can we? Some of us long for things to calm down a bit in the summer so we can find time to devour a really good book.

We polled a few of our SingleRoots contributors to see what books they think you should seriously consider reading this summer. We didn’t give them any guidelines, so some of their suggestions are old, new, Christian, non-Christian, fiction, non-fiction–a veritable hodgepodge of their favorites. If you’re looking for something new to read, this list should be able to help you out!

Behold, our SingleRoots Summer Reading List 2012:

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SingleRoots Summer Playlists 2012

Summertime and the living is easy. (Or at least that's what "they" say.)

It’s summer, y’all. Those of us living in Texas wonder if we unknowingly took up residence on the Equator–and it’s just the beginning of June.

Regardless of weather conditions, it’s the time of year for slowing down, intentionally gathering with friends, and stopping to exhale from the pressures of life, be it day or night.

Whether you’re on vacation, waiting for vacation, or not even off on the 4th of July, summer deserves a soundtrack. In fact, we think summer deserves not one, but three soundtracks–one for days, one for nights, and one for worship. So we’ve compiled a few songs for you. A little bit of everything—old and new music, mainstream and indie, Christian and secular.

Who among us isn’t always looking for good music? Exactly.

How to access the SingleRoots Summer 2012 playlists: [Read more…]