Intentionally Single?

“Intentionally single” is probably not something most singles are trying to be. I know this because when I was single, I wasn’t trying to remain single intentionally. I wanted to get married!

But in all my wanting and dreaming, marriage was not going to happen in my timing. 

Intentionally Single?

Some things in life you just can’t hurry up. They happen when they happen. Not a day early, not a day late—and woe unto us when we try to hurry things along. [Read more…]

My Community :: Why I’m Part of a Singles Ministry

Let’s face it: finding a church home is not easy. There are so many variables to consider. And while no one likes the phrase “church shopping,” sometimes it feels like we’re doing just that.

There are some who might see a light shine down from Heaven, hear the “Hallelujah” chorus, and receive a definite Word from the Lord saying, “Go to this church, my child.”

Others of us have to fight through our flesh and our preferences and our frustrations to be able to discern where we need to settle in and start putting down roots.

As singles, we often have to make the choice between a singles ministry or not. If we choose to forgo the singles ministry, then we have to make small group or Sunday school choices, such as men’s or women’s small groups or mixed groups with marrieds and singles. [Read more…]

Who You Gonna Call? (Hopefully, Not Me)

Superman and I differ in many ways…

I woke up the other night in a cold sweat, heart racing and exasperated. The distinct sound of tape being pulled off roll after roll and applied to cardboard still echoed in my ear. I shuddered.

Though just a vivid bad dream, I could have sworn only moments before I was holding a giant box of heirloom fine china, looking up 26 stories of stairs, and sweating through two shirts on a hot September weekend. Just a few miles away, my 72-degree apartment was sitting with a sad, empty couch and five channels of football going to waste.

Thank goodness it was only a nightmare.

I couldn’t help but think perhaps it was a preview of things to come, though. I recently marked the 12 month anniversary of being UHaul-free and part of me thinks that streak is bound to end soon. It always happens the same way. [Read more…]

Getting Out of My Rut

I was coasting along and not doing much about anything, especially not serving…

During the fall of last year, I was at a crossroads of where I should serve in my church. Two ministry roles that I had been involved in for a significant amount of time had ended in the spring, and I began to just coast along with no motivation to seek a new place of serving.

I must admit I was in a selfish and lazy place.

I was in a rut and had no desire to pray where God was leading me to serve, but my sovereign God had perfect timing on a Sunday morning last January. As I was sitting at an intersection near the church, my pastor’s wife pulled up in a church van full of children across from me. She was in charge of picking up children in the lower-income area around our church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I immediately thought of the stories my mom had shared with me about my grandpa being involved in the bus ministry of their church in the 1960s. [Read more…]