SingleRoots Saturday Edition :: 1/21

Thank you, Al Gore.

Since that whole SOPA/PIPA blackout thing this week, we’re just glad to be here and that the internet is still up and running. We needed it to be able to learn about important things like who did/did not win Golden Globes and the medical diagnosis drama surrounding one of our favorite Food Network stars. Nobody watches television for their news anymore anyway. Twitter is the new CNN, after all. (Or is that Rob Lowe is the new ESPN? We forget.)

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Deep Inconsistencies

Resistance involves dealing with both the obvious and the hidden—the “deep inconsistencies” that are often buried beneath years of excuses and a lack of confrontation.

In the following 20-minute “Bloodlines” documentary, John Piper addresses the issue of racism in his own life.

Piper says, “It [racism] was a cesspool of sin, and I was swimming in it…into my life were flowing these contradictory impulses.


“It is fundamentally a Cross issue, a blood issue, a Gospel issue that is at play here. And what’s so amazing is how the Gospel, by faith alone, having our sins forgiven—that Gospel is the key to triumphing over these sins that militate against the advance of racial harmony and racial diversity.” [John Piper]