Ministering to Orphans :: 11 Ways You Can Get Involved on the Local Level

My trip to Africa over Christmas break in 2007 ruined future Christmases in America for me. I remember experiencing a true grieving process.

Ministering to Orphans

I was sickened to see how far American Christians had fallen prey to the consumerism, entitlement, and secularism compared to my Kenyan friends. I spent one Christmas morning in Kenya, and it was over. [Read more…]

Not the Answer I Had in Mind

My prayer had drastically different intentions behind it…

Whenever a friend or family member gets engaged, I immediately begin praying, “LORD, please let me have a date to this wedding – someone I really like, maybe even someone I will eventually marry myself.”

More times than not, I have still ended up attending those weddings alone.

My cousin is getting married next month and, as usual, upon hearing of her engagement, I began praying for a date. This time God answered; however, not in the way I requested or expected.

But as often is the case, He answered it perfectly and in a way that He had been working out long before my cousin began planning her wedding. [Read more…]