Not the Answer I Had in Mind

Whenever a friend or family member gets engaged, I immediately begin praying, “LORD, please let me have a date to this wedding – someone I really like, maybe even someone I will eventually marry myself.”

More times than not, I have still ended up attending those weddings alone.

Not the Answer I Had in Mind

My cousin is getting married next month and, as usual, upon hearing of her engagement, I began praying for a date. This time God answered; however, not in the way I requested or expected.

But as often is the case, He answered it perfectly and in a way that He had been working out long before my cousin began planning her wedding. [Read more…]

Should I Foster or Adopt a Child if I’m Single?

A lot of people think adoption is trendy. They think those considering it are just following in the footsteps of Hollywood, à la Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Connie Britton, and Charlize Theron. However, most singles who are thinking about adoption would roll their eyes and unequivocally state that it has little to do with Brangelina…or Maddox or Pax or any of the other Jolie-Pitt family members. It has to do with orphans and Love and The Gospel.

Should I Foster or Adopt a Child if I'm Single?One of our more popular posts in the last few years was KB Thomas’s story of adoption on “Single and…Adopting a Child.” More recently, SingleRoots sometimes-contributor Ruth Rutherford announced she is adopting a sibling group from another country. And we know a good number of other singles who are praying about fostering or adopting children.

Still, some struggle with the question of whether or not it is good for a child to live with one parent instead of two. So is there a clear answer on whether or not singles should foster or adopt children?
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Ministering to Orphans :: 11 Ways You Can Get Involved on the Local Level

My trip to Africa over Christmas break in 2007 ruined future Christmases in America for me. I remember experiencing a true grieving process.

Ministering to Orphans

I was sickened to see how far American Christians had fallen prey to the consumerism, entitlement, and secularism compared to my Kenyan friends. I spent one Christmas morning in Kenya, and it was over. [Read more…]