Keeping an Eye on the Groom at a Wedding

In the past few months, I have attended two different weddings. For both, I was there in support of the groom, and in both weddings it was the groom I mostly, though not entirely, kept an eye on while the bride was coming down the aisle.

It was a pleasure to see the expressions on the grooms’ faces as their beautiful brides walked down the aisle because, having been each one’s roommate at some point, I knew how long they had waited for this occasion.

For me, the most climactic moment of the wedding is when the bride comes in. [Read more…]

Are You Savoring Each Moment?

A few days ago I was decorating for Christmas with one of my best friends here in Columbia. We were talking about the different ornaments on his tree, the significance and memories behind each one. As Christmas carols were playing, I was struck by the fact that each moment we have creates a memory—some significant, some not so much.

This is my first Christmas season in Columbia. I feel like a little kid taking in all their annual traditions, tree lightings, festivals, and caroling. In a few short weeks I’ll head home to spend Christmas with family.

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