How to Throw a Pinterest Party

There’s hardly a female left on the face of the earth who has not heard of Pinterest. With over 10 million registered users, most of whom are women, Mashable calls Pinterest 2012’s hottest startup.  But what about a Pinterest Party?

How to Throw a Pinterest Party

Let’s be real for a second: We don’t care as much about the business details of how Pinterest rose to popularity as we do the bevy of ideas that appear right before our very eyes as we scavenge the site daily. We marvel at why we never thought of some things, speculate on how people make others , and ponder why we’ll never actually get everything we pin. It’s a wonderland of discontent, creativity, imagination, and obsession combined. (Kinda like online dating sites. Or maybe not…)

At the beginning of the year, my dear friend Heather and I started talking about having a Pinterest Party. She received some bath bombs for Christmas that a friend had found on Pinterest. She proposed that we try to make them for our first party. Being a lover of all Lush products, especially their bath bombs and melts, I thought her idea was brilliant.

So being the Type A friends that we are, not to mention girls from the Deep South who jump on any opportunity to host an event, we sat down one evening and set about making a plan. (For those planners like us, I just have to tell you it was indeed a sight to behold—flow charts, bullet points, photo thumbnails on our order list. Sigh. Utterly beautiful.)

Here’s how we threw our Pinterest Party:

1. We wanted to keep the attendance list small–just enough women to be able to sit around Heather’s dining room table and visit while we were making our bath bombs. We also wanted it to be an opportunity to make new friends, so we invited a variety of girls who didn’t know each other. I invited 4 girls I knew and Heather invited 4 of her friends.

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2. We asked the ladies to bring two things: a dish created from a recipe they found on Pinterest and $10 to help cover the cost of supplies.

And they did not disappoint. We heard a lot of, “I pinned this recipe, too, and I was wondering how it would turn out!” mixed in with “Oh my goodness! This so good!”

Cindy’s Homemade PopTarts were all the rave.


Leigh’s Black Bean Confetti Salad was delish! And perfect for those of us who needed a healthy alternative.


Jennifer went home with very little of her Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Ball, too. SO good!


And because I arrived home from a trip right before the party, I opted for a Pinterest presentation idea over an actual homemade recipe.

3. We decided that since Heather was hosting the party, she would take care of getting the materials for the bath bombs. And did she ever. When everyone arrived, each girl had a place around the table with everything she needed to get down to business.

A printed copy of the recipe was included.


Yes, we were hard at work, but we had such a fun time getting to know each other too.


The finished product–a yellow lemongrass & lavender scented bath bomb. (Everyone could choose their own scents and colors.)


All of our bath bombs were packaged in fun tissue paper, tied with ribbon, and labeled with a title that we created for our own personal line of bath bombs.


4. We also discussed making our get-together a regular occurrence. We made a Pinterest Party board so that everyone could contribute ideas towards future parties. We decided that one girl will choose the “craft” each time, and she’ll be the one responsible for acquiring all of the supplies. Hey, somebody’s gotta do the work…we might as well share the load.

5. When the night was over, each girl went home with several bath bombs but, more importantly, several new friends. The beauty of the party was less in the crafts or the food—although that part was definitely fun—but more about the opportunity to meet new people and get to hear their stories.

I know there’s a lot of criticism about Pinterest and the way it makes us focus on things that we don’t have and tends to chisel away at our contentment. And I can totally see that. But, as in all avenues of social networking, if it is used in moderation, it can also be a really cool way to bring people together.

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Jessica spent the first twelve years of her "grown-up life" teaching eighth graders exciting topics such as symbolism and thesis statements. And then, in the summer of 2011, she turned around and wasn't a teacher anymore. She has difficulty explaining what her career is but serving as Editor for SingleRoots is just one of her many roles. A collector of Starbucks city mugs, she still doesn't know what she's going to do with them all (50+ at last count), but she figures that she can't possibly stop collecting them now. She has a crush on the Apostle Paul (with the good Doctor Luke coming in a close second) and thinks the best thing about being single is her freedom to travel with some of the most Godly, fun people on the planet. You can follow her on Twitter.

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  • This is great! I *just* started planning my own Pinterest party. Thanks for the great ideas and I think you just earned a new pinterest follower. Be flattered, I’m choosey about who I follow. 🙂

    • Jessica Bufkin

      HeartCommaJess, I don’t take that honor lightly. I will do my best to make you proud!

      • RLWP!

        Can I get a follow back, girlfriend? I promise not to disappoint. 🙂

        • Jessica Bufkin

          Done and done!

  • Robyn

    Love it…what a great idea!

    • Jessica Bufkin

      Thanks, Robyn, but like all good things, we weren’t the first to think of it. 😉

  • I love pinterest! I hope to host a party soon and I’m glad to see how y’all coordinated everything. 🙂 and those pop tarts look so YUM!

    • Jessica Bufkin

      Those Pop Tarts were the hit of the party! Everyone thought they were far better than the real deal Pop Tarts!

  • Stacy C

    requested an invite to pinterest back in the day but forgot about it till I checked that email inbox months later. still haven’t signed on but I must say those pop tarts look great!

    • Jessica Bufkin

      I can’t decide how you’d feel about Pinterest. But I predict that you’d have a Saints board, a Braves board, an LSU board, a reality tv board, and a Jane Austen board.

      Oh, and a chips and salsa board…and a chocolate board.

      Maybe I would like following you… 😉

      • Stacy C

        I didn’t realize you had multiple boards but if the boards are full of my favorite things, there must be a sonic diet coke one as well 🙂

  • Every few months I get together with some ladies to celebrate someone’s random birthday and we craft (you know me well, so you know this is a little funny….). We have another coming soon and I think we shall steal your idea. Because none of them are single or bloggers, i plan to tell them it was my idea.

    • Jessica Bufkin

      1. Do you craft quotes and random pictures? Cause I’m convinced that’s all you pin!

      2. I fully endorse your lying. But you should know that my Pinterest Party involved single and married women. And I didn’t come up with the idea. So, if you lie, know that as Solomon said, there’s nothing new under the sun. I ripped it off someone else. 🙂

      • Okay – here’s the SUPER funny.
        1st crafting get together – made a sign with a coffee quote on it.
        2nd crafting get together – made magnets with random pictures on them.
        It frightens me how well you know me….

  • Marcotte Danielle

    I pinned this pin on pintrest and didn’t realize it was your blog.  What a small world….I will be having a Pintrest party this summer!!

    • Yay! I hope y’all enjoy it! Can’t wait to see pics! Post some on FB after you have it please!

  • I’m one of the *few* girls who has a Pintrest account, and I’ve been on there MAYBE 3 times.  But all my friends are on Pinterest, so I should encourage them to have a PinParty and invite me. LoL. 

    • Or, you should get your own account and invite them! 🙂

  • Annie Cunningham

    JESSICA! Imagine my shock when I read through this article only to realize that it was the amazing Jessica Bufkin’s blog! I never expect to actually KNOW the blogger I’m reading! Fourth one in the Google search list…I’m very impressed! Can’t wait to have my first Pinterest party.

  • My party is in a few weeks and I’m browsing around to look for tips of others who have had one already. Thanks for the ideas Jessica!

  • do you care to share the link/pin for the the bath bombs?

  • Fame

    I love this! I’ve been thinking of having a Pinterest party for months now. 🙂

  • Kelly

    Just attended my first pinterest party and it was a great time! Check out what we did here:

  • TJohn

    I’m SO doing this for my birthday in a couple weeks! Thanks for the tip of a small guest list!