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be encouraged

You are not alone.

Christian singles are one of the fastest growing demographics in the Church yet we still feel overlooked. Droves of us are finding ourselves unmarried for far longer than we ever thought we would be yet there's still this underlying assumption that Real Life doesn't actually begin until we get married.

To add to the problem, the Church doesn't have the greatest track record of helping singles to thrive in the season we're in. Many Christian singles simply feel like they don't fit into the one place that's supposed to welcome everyone.

So let's talk about it.

And no, we don't mean, "Let's complain about it."

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what our writers are sharing

  • "There is always this message that marriage is hard and we single folks just don’t get how great we have it. That’s just not true..."
  • "I’m 35, never been married, and childless. Childless. Sometimes it feels as only a mild ache that can be brushed aside, but other times it flares with an intensity that threatens to undo me..."
  • "His barriers around my sexual behavior are there for my good—my safety, my flourishing, my joy. He is not withholding from me something that would benefit my life, but withholding me from something that would destroy it..."
  • "The Lord has assured me time and time again that I can do this single life and live it well, and He will provide people who will walk alongside me..."
  • "It’s ok to admit you’re intimidated by a relationship or making a move---or that you may not want a relationship right now as much as you thought..."

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