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Should I Live with Roommates?

Should I Live with Roommates?

Be it one roommate or multiples, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all answers for singles on whether or not they should have a roommate (or two or three). Like anything in life, it’s important to examine your motivation for refusing to get a roommate...or, in some cases, for acquiring one. Here are a few questions to honestly ask yourself: Are you trying to avoid having someone know … [Read More...]

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eharmony free communication weekend

eHarmony Free Communication Weekend: What, When, & How

Cheap is good, but what’s even better is when we are able to get something for free on one of the big online dating sites, like an eHarmony free weekend. Let’s face it: the word “free” is in all of our love languages. What? You didn’t know that was possible? Yep, it certainly is.   Before you go getting all kinds of excited, you’ve got to remember that eHarmony is a business, so … [Read More...]

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If You're Really a Christian...

If You’re Really a Christian…

I was a moron in college. Don’t get me wrong, my GPA was really good and I kept my scholarship. I was a also moron in Southern Missouri. It has nothing to do with the geography because my useless knowledge skills shine there. The problem is that my past is in both places. I’m not in line to be sainted or anything like that now, but I have … [Read More...]

Dear Adam :: Christian Dating Advice on Texting and Emailing

Dear Adam :: Christian Dating Advice on Texting and Emailing

Dear Adam, I have a great idea. If you disagree with your girlfriend’s decision or opinion on something, why don’t you write her a long email outlining your stance and why you think it’s right? After all, who wants to waste time having a mature discussion when you can just make your point without the interruption of an actual … [Read More...]

Resisting Spiritual Blessings: Pushing Back on the Things I Don't Like

Resisting Spiritual Blessings: Pushing Back on the Things I Don’t Like

So I know I'm the only one, but I have some opinions about things. Lots. Just a few. And I've been known to draw a line in the sand a time or two and resist certain things based on principle (or stubbornness, arrogance, or sometimes just plain stupidity). Most of the time, my resistance is not because the things are necessarily bad, but rather … [Read More...]

The Evolution of Singleness in Your 20s and 30s.

The Evolution of Singleness in Your 20s and 30s :: A Guy’s Perspective (in GIFs)

Gentlemen, you didn't think we'd forget, did you? Last week, we shared the Evolution of Singleness for the Ladies--a stroll down memory lane showing how women come to terms with their single state over the course of a few decades. And this week, we're zeroing in on the male mind. Not every Christian guy on the face of the Earth will be able … [Read More...]


The Great Debate

The Great Debate: Should I List the Qualities I Want in a Spouse?

In Christian circles, there seem to be a million spoken and unspoken dating rules. People talk with all kinds of authority on what should and should not be done and lay the smackdown in arguments if you should veer from their acceptable path. It’s kind of humorous considering the Bible has very … [Read More...]

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Is Your Life Telling a Compelling Story?

Is Your Life Telling a Compelling Story?

Until I get that long awaited Heaven-sent confirmation that my future wife is Carrie Underwood’s newly-cloned twin sister, she has never provided any reason for me to give her much thought. However, as I sat in the airport diner waiting to leave Nashville, her song “Jesus Take the Wheel” came on and … [Read More...]


Living Into Your Passion (or, How Peyton Manning Is a Beast and You Can Be One, Too)

Living Into Your Passion (or, How Peyton Manning Is a Beast and You Can Be One, Too)

Peyton Manning is a beast. Let me rephrase that: Peyton Manning is a force to be reckoned with in life. Now before you stop reading and think you’ve landed on the wrong website. Stick with me here. You see, he is in his late thirties, competing at the highest level of professional … [Read More...]

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My Community :: Why I'm Part of a Women's/Men's Small Group

My Community :: Why I’m a Part of a Women’s/Men’s Small Group

{Editor's Note: This is the second in a 4-part series designed to share where Christian singles are finding community in the church. Our hope is that it will encourage those who have yet to find their place to not give up.} If you drop the term "singles group" in conversation, a lot of … [Read More...]


The Day My Debt Caught Up with Me

The Day My Debt Caught Up to Me

You never forget the crappy days. As much as you want to, you can't. I used to see this as a curse but now I see it as a blessing, for it's important for me to remember how far I've come. Or, how far He's brought me. Lately, God has been bringing me to new and exciting places. An example of this … [Read More...]