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Spiritual Retreat: A Weekend Away by Myself

Spiritual Retreat: A Weekend Away by Myself

I’ve never taken a trip by myself. I mean, I’ve traveled to meet up with friends and spent the night alone in a hotel room along the way. My passport has plenty of stamps, too, but there’s always been at least one person there with me when I was getting those stamps. Not too long ago, I found myself with nothing on my calendar for the weekend and a deep need for respite. I desperately wanted to … [Read More...]

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Best Christian Dating Sites 2

Best Christian Dating Sites in 2015 :: How to Pick the Right One for You

There's a lot of information on the web about the best Christian dating sites, but as Christian singles ourselves, we haven't found much of it to be truly helpful in our decision-making process. So we figured instead of complaining about it, we'd try to help solve that problem. We've created a comparison chart and detailed resource of the best Christian dating sites. We update it regularly as … [Read More...]

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The Best Gift You Can Give Your Future Spouse

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Future Spouse

From the title of this post, I bet you think this is going to be about sex & purity. Sorry to disappoint you. I got married a few years ago. My bride and I were both a little late to hop on the marriage train. For whatever reason, God didn’t have us meet until we were both in our 30s. Consequently, we both had over a decade and a half … [Read More...]


When the Dream Comes Before the Husband

I’m a dreamer, a big vision, eyes wide-open dreamer. I tend to look at the impossible and say, “I got this, there’s nothing I can’t do.” Just call me an “independent woman” because here I come ready to tackle the most difficult of things! That being said, for the past few years of my life, I have been the big dreamer with a certain exclusion … [Read More...]

Marriage: Are You In It to Win It?

Marriage: Are You in It to Win It?

When I was in third grade I participated in the M.S. Read-A-Thon. We got sponsors and read booksfor a month and Pizza Hut was involved somehow. I don't really remember how it all worked, but at the end of the month there was an all-school assembly where we got prizes based on how many books we'd read. I had read a good number of books but … [Read More...]

Single and...In Ministry

Single and…in Ministry

Boundaries. We all need them, but learning how to set them is difficult, especially when you’re single and in ministry. There’s always a need, and you’re the one who doesn’t have anyone waiting on you at home, so shouldn’t you just take one for the team? Some days, you can easily step up to the plate, but others…well, others you just need a … [Read More...]


Are You Ministering with Your Presence?

How to Frustrate Your Friends: A Confession

I’m a fixer. I love to solve a good problem; I love a challenge. You can’t find a cheap 4-star hotel for your trip to New York City? Please, let me help. I’ll have 3 suggestions in your inbox by tomorrow morning. You want 100+ reluctant-to-read eighth graders to pass the state standardized … [Read More...]

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Accountability Partner...Check. Now What Do We Do?

Accountability Partner…Check. Now What Do We Do?

It's been about six weeks since I moved to a new town and already I've had several long-distance friends remind me that I need an accountability partner. One even went so far as to give me a deadline. I love that they love me enough to gently push me. I'm not even joking. They also knew that I … [Read More...]


"He is more than enough," I sang...

Dreams, Idols, and the Kingdom

It was supposed to be dinner, just a regular dinner like we always had. Our usual summit every week or so somewhere in between Fort Worth and Dallas since we lived a good hour apart. Chips and salsa, loud music, maybe some sopapillas, and debriefing. There was much to discuss since we hadn’t seen … [Read More...]

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Yes, I am a very classy guy.

What I Learned from Attending (Yet Another) Wedding

If you’re reading this, chances are you are not married. Make a mental note right now: Invite me to your wedding. If necessary, provide airfare and accommodations. I am not good at a lot of things but going to weddings and making them fun is one of the blessings our great God has bestowed upon … [Read More...]


Buying vs. Renting

Buying versus Renting :: 5 Questions to Consider

A few years ago, I was nearing the end of my apartment lease. I was a 29-year old single guy who was tired of apartment hopping, so I started to contemplate buying vs. renting. For the previous decade, I had avoided the idea of homeownership for the following reasons: I wanted to stay free … [Read More...]