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Is it Wrong to Desire the Fairy Tale?

Thanks to a childhood filled with Disney princes and princesses, we've grown up believing that birds should sing melodious tunes outside our windows every morning, rodents should be our friends and help us clean and get dressed, and a funny genie in a bottle/fairy godmother/teapot should guide our every step with their overflowing wisdom. And if life sucks here on earth, we could go live in a a … [Read More...]

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OKCupid Review :: Christian Singles Tell It Like It Is

OKCupid Review: We’ve Heard Mixed Things When we talked to people who had used OKCupid, we heard mixed reviews. Some said it was one of the better free online dating options out there. Others told us that the quality of matches that they and their friends had received was much lower than what they’d seen on other sites and apps. Overall, we weren’t hearing from a large amount of Christians … [Read More...]

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Praying about More Than a Husband

I have a prayer group that I meet with every Sunday. There are five of us, with ages ranging from 22-30, and we are all very different. One of us is finishing up her credential program to be a teacher. Another is studying to be a doctor. I am a hairstylist, going to school so that I can someday be a writer. Another is a nurse. And one of … [Read More...]

3 Reasons You Should Travel Alone While You’re Single

The first time I ever traveled by myself I was 23. I’d just graduated college and was an Au Pair for a family living in Switzerland. For my birthday, the family gave me a weekend in Paris. My hotel and train ticket were paid for and I thought nothing of going alone to the City of Light. I’d always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and I couldn’t … [Read More...]

How to Survive the Summer Wedding Season :: 6 Tips from a Retired Bridesmaid

We're dangerously close to the month of June---30 days set aside to commemorate National Adopt a Cat Month, National Accordion Awareness Month, National Iced Tea Month, National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month, and even Turkey Lovers Month. But let's be honest, most of us really didn't know those celebrations existed. We know June for what it … [Read More...]

What’s the Best Book You’ve Read on Singleness?

A quick scan of Christian dating books nets these titles: I Kissed Dating Goodbye, When God Writes Your Love Story, How to Get a Date Worth Keeping: Be Dating in Six Months or Your Money Back, Finding Your Knight in Shining Armor, God Is a Matchmaker. [Shaking our heads and rolling our eyes...hard.] It's almost like no one knows how to talk to us … [Read More...]


How to Frustrate Your Friends: A Confession

I’m a fixer. I love to solve a good problem; I love a challenge. You can’t find a cheap 4-star hotel for your trip to New York City? Please, let me help. I’ll have 3 suggestions in your inbox by tomorrow morning. You want 100+ reluctant-to-read eighth graders to pass the state … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

Killing My Idols

One of the blessings of writing for public consumption is the freedom to be authentic and transparent. There’s a release that I’ve discovered which accompanies being emotionally raw and naked with my words. The plus side is I get to enjoy it while never experiencing the fear of getting run down … [Read More...]


When God Sends You to the Mission Field…Alone

At 24 years old I went on my first mission trip for three months to a country in Central Asia. I loved my time in that country, but I also got a taste of missionary life which made me realise that it would be hard going as a single. I declared that would only go back to this field if I were married. … [Read More...]

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Are You Living a James 1:27 Lifestyle?

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” James 1:27 When I think of the word “visit” I am flooded with childhood memories. I recall sitting on my granny’s porch swing with my … [Read More...]


The Day My Debt Caught Up to Me

You never forget the crappy days. As much as you want to, you can't. I used to see this as a curse but now I see it as a blessing, for it's important for me to remember how far I've come. Or, how far He's brought me. Lately, God has been bringing me to new and exciting places. An example of this … [Read More...]