• Celibacy, Same-Sex Attraction, and Abundant Life

    When I plunged into a pursuit of Christ in 2010, the possibility of a lifetime of singleness wasn't … [Read More]

    Celibacy, Same-Sex Attraction, and Abundant Life
  • Thoughts on a First Date

    Last night I realized a boy was about to ask me on a date. Last night a boy asked me what I was … [Read More]

    Thoughts on a First Date
  • Instead of Chasing Purity

    Yes. This is another post about purity. But maybe not the one you’re expecting. This is not about … [Read More]

    Instead of Chasing Purity
  • 5 Things Single People Don’t Have Enough Of

    Within the SingleRoots community, we have two things in common: Jesus and singleness. And since … [Read More]

    5 Things Single People Don’t Have Enough Of
  • 5 Spiritual Questions to Ask Your Online Match

    According to the Internet, dating is getting both easier and more difficult. Online dating creates a … [Read More]

    5 Spiritual Questions to Ask Your Online Match

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Free Christian Dating Sites

Free Christian Dating Sites :: Are They Legit?

Are there any free Christian dating sites? Some might call you “cheap,” but you prefer the term “frugal.” Po-tay-to, po-tot-o. Either way, you’re doing some research on Christian dating for free, so at least people can call you resourceful, right? First, a word of caution: If you have no experience in the world of online dating, don’t dip your toes in the water of the free Christian dating … [Read More...]

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Delaying Marriage

Delaying Marriage :: Why Is Everyone Still Single?

“Why are you still single?” can be one of the more annoying questions singles are peppered with. And we never know who’s going to say it next—our distant relatives, the little old couple at church, an inquisitive niece or nephew, or even the great guy or girl we just met online. According to the latest data from the Pew Research Center, the … [Read More...]

Bittersweet Milestones

Bittersweet Milestones :: Not How I Thought My Life Would Turn Out

My life this year has alternated between bittersweet and wonderful moments. Friends came and went, one job vanished and a new one turned up, and new hobbies took over my free time. I’m surrounded by fantastic people and am incredibly blessed in many things. It’s just not how I saw it turning out for me. The most bittersweet thing so far … [Read More...]

Bloggers You Should Know :: Matt Moore

Bloggers You Should Know :: Matt Moore

Matt holds the record as the writer of one of our most popular posts this year. His post “Celibacy, Same-Sex Attraction, and Abundant Life” was filled with honesty and vulnerability, yet held firm to the truths found in the Word—the same reasons we love Matt’s blog. Matt’s voice is so important to the ever-growing, often-volatile … [Read More...]


When Does This Love Story Get an Ending?

Wondering When This Love Story Gets an Ending

“I know I should be happy, but I’m not. I’m jealous of her.” This was a recent discussion a friend and I were having--once again--regarding the woes of being single and the emotions you feel when another friend, who has been single like you, is suddenly in a relationship. Am I alone in that … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

When Do I Show Restraint?

Wrestling with My Words

Last week, I wrote a post that I just can’t bring myself to publish. It’s about clichés people tell us when we’re single. It’s sarcastic and a bit snarky and takes a look at the ridiculousness of what people say to us sometimes. But I just can’t pull the trigger on it. Mainly because Libby … [Read More...]


The Art of Traveling Alone

The Art of Traveling Alone

I love the world, and I never feel so alive as when I am exploring a new place. My fierce determination to see Croatia and Greece - two countries I had long dreamed about visiting - saw me embarking on a two-week adventure, alone, this past July. My wanderlust officially became stronger than my … [Read More...]

Church & Ministry

Ministering to Orphans and Widows

Ministering to Orphans :: 11 Ways You Can Get Involved on the Local Level

My trip to Africa over Christmas break in 2007 ruined future Christmases in America for me. I remember experiencing a true grieving process. I was sickened to see how far American Christians had fallen prey to the consumerism, entitlement, and secularism compared to my Kenyan friends. I spent one … [Read More...]


Buying vs. Renting

Buying versus Renting :: 5 Questions to Consider

A few years ago, I was nearing the end of my apartment lease. I was a 29-year old single guy who was tired of apartment hopping, so I started to contemplate buying vs. renting. For the previous decade, I had avoided the idea of homeownership for the following reasons: I wanted to stay free … [Read More...]