• Intentionally Single?

    "Intentionally single” is probably not something most singles are trying to be. I know this because … [Read More]

    Intentionally Single?
  • Seasons of Singleness

    I live in Michigan, the Land of Dramatic Seasons. Winter, and especially this one, usually has snow, … [Read More]

    Seasons of Singleness
  • 5 Spiritual Questions to Ask Your Online Match

    According to the Internet, dating is getting both easier and more difficult. Online dating creates a … [Read More]

    5 Spiritual Questions to Ask Your Online Match
  • Single Men in the Church: Where My Boys At? [Part 1]

    {Editor's Note: Single guys are in the minority in many of our churches today, and it doesn't seem … [Read More]

    Single Men in the Church: Where My Boys At? [Part 1]
  • Dear Eve:: Christian Dating Advice about Cats

    [Disclaimer: This new Sunday night post is meant to be a humorous feature that attempts to poke fun … [Read More]

    Dear Eve:: Christian Dating Advice about Cats

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On Finding Your Calling

On Finding Your Calling

Hi, I’m Becca, and I’ve had ten jobs in five years. From teaching to church ministry to floral arranging to sports retail—I’ve done it all. I spent a semester as an art student. I’ve moved six times, most recently to Central America. Clearly, I am not one to give career advice. In fact, I could probably write a book about how not to succeed in life.  Over the years, I saw God in the ones who … [Read More...]

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Battle of the Online Dating Profiles :: Round 2

Last month's Battle of the Online Dating Profiles :: Round 1 resulted in some great feedback for anyone who is laboring over their own online dating profile. (Or for anyone who might have to craft one in the future!) The voting was helpful, but the comments were loaded with quality information from objective people. This month we're back … [Read More...]

We Met on eHarmony and Got Married 6 Months Later

We Met on eHarmony and Got Married 6 Months Later

They say you know when you know. Not that we’d know, but that’s what they tell us. From what we hear, the same is true whether you’re dating traditionally or you’ve used an online dating site to meet. You just…know. Jennifer and her husband James met almost 5 years ago on eHarmony. They were matched in November, met in real life in January, … [Read More...]

How My Singleness Became My Ministry

How My Singleness Became My Ministry

My boyfriend and I broke up in September. We had only been dating for three months, but I flew out to meet his parents in Mississippi the month before, so for me it was real. He broke up with me over the phone. “Can’t you come to my apartment and talk to me?” I cried over the phone. “No, I have a softball game.” “But can’t you skip … [Read More...]


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When Your Date Doesn’t Share Your Faith

A few years passed from the first online dating experience, lessons were learned. Egos were checked and my insecurities were no longer affecting that particular area of my life. A new city and a newfound interest in dating seemed to be surfacing. With that came the exploration of the dating … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

When You Feel like You’re Regressing

When You Feel Like You’re Moving Backwards Instead of Forward

It’s difficult, maintaining progress. While it’s true the more you do something the easier it is to do, it is also true that resistance grows the more you do something. You have a goal or a vision and decide to see it through. That’s great and you’re making good progress. But what happens when you … [Read More...]


College Tips and Advice

College Tips and Advice :: Letters to My Undergraduate Self

There's no shortage of college tips and advice being dished out around the world. We know this. But we also know that we have SingleRoots readers who are in college. Some of them have even written guest posts for us. The beauty of this community is that we can actually put into practice some of the … [Read More...]

Church & Ministry

James 1:27's "to visit" doesn't mean sitting around chatting on your grandma's porch.

Are You Living a James 1:27 Lifestyle?

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” James 1:27 When I think of the word “visit” I am flooded with childhood memories. I recall sitting on my granny’s porch swing with my … [Read More...]


One Major Wast of Your Singleness

One Major Way to Waste Your Singleness

Most things in life work like a muscle. Use it, and it grows. Ignore it, and atrophy sets in. Take tithing for example. Tithing doesn’t come naturally, but if you start tithing at age 5 your “tithing” muscle is incredibly strong by age 25. As the weight gets heavier (i.e. your paycheck gets … [Read More...]