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The Pity Party from Hell (Literally)

The Pity Party from Hell (Literally)

My college experience was one best characterized by all the fun I had. By senior year, I was extremely pleased with my long list of friends and was typically in the know about all the best parties. Most importantly, the majority of cute girls on campus were at least familiar with whom Brandon Howard was and in this, I was well pleased. From time to time I managed to sneak in a little studying as … [Read More...]

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Online Dating Experiment

Online Dating Experiment :: 3 Sites, 3 Months, 1 Person [Month 1]

In case this is your first time reading about this “online dating experiment,” here’s the rundown: My dear, (debatably) generous friends from SingleRoots offered me online dating subscriptions this summer to each of the big 3 sites—eHarmony, Christian Mingle, and Match.com. I thought it was a slightly crazy proposition, but since I’m new to Birmingham, I decided it couldn’t hurt. Last … [Read More...]

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Books and Bible Studies for Christian Singles

Books and Bible Studies for Christian Singles: A Resource List

Okay, let the record show that just because you email us a question it does not mean that we're going to create a blog post about the contents of your question. We promise. It just so happens this particular question is centered around a topic we thought the entire community could both advise and benefit from. You know, the whole two is … [Read More...]

When I Get Married...

When I Get Married…

“When I Get Married …” I found myself repeating this phrase a lot in my twenties and thirties. I would go to dinner or hang out at a couple’s house, and I would make mental notes on the drive home that began with “When I get married…”. I would put that other couple’s relationships under the spotlight by thinking or saying, “When I get … [Read More...]

All About the Benjamins

All About the Benjamins :: Making ‘Em, Saving ‘Em, and Spending ‘Em

When Christians think about who to consult for financial advice or wisdom, Dave Ramsey is usually the person that comes to mind. And the man knows his stuff, no doubt. His followers are hard-core, and there’s always that one person who is quick to advise you with “What Dave has to say” about the financial matter du jour. But with all due … [Read More...]

Trading in the Fairy Tale

Trading In the Fairy Tale

In the Pixar movie Brave, the premise centers around a girl with fiery red hair named Princess Merida. She hated being a princess and wanted to spend her time in the woods exploring, riding her horse, and shooting her bow and arrow. The last thing on her mind was boys. However, because she was a princess, her mother, the Queen, tried to push her … [Read More...]


The Great Debate

The Great Debate: Should I List the Qualities I Want in a Spouse?

In Christian circles, there seem to be a million spoken and unspoken dating rules. People talk with all kinds of authority on what should and should not be done and lay the smackdown in arguments if you should veer from their acceptable path. It’s kind of humorous considering the Bible has very … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Retreat: A Weekend Away by Myself

Spiritual Retreat: A Weekend Away by Myself

I’ve never taken a trip by myself. I mean, I’ve traveled to meet up with friends and spent the night alone in a hotel room along the way. My passport has plenty of stamps, too, but there’s always been at least one person there with me when I was getting those stamps. Not too long ago, I found … [Read More...]


The Art of Traveling Alone

The Art of Traveling Alone

I love the world, and I never feel so alive as when I am exploring a new place. My fierce determination to see Croatia and Greece - two countries I had long dreamed about visiting - saw me embarking on a two-week adventure, alone, this past July. My wanderlust officially became stronger than my … [Read More...]

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James 1:27's "to visit" doesn't mean sitting around chatting on your grandma's porch.

Are You Living a James 1:27 Lifestyle?

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” James 1:27 When I think of the word “visit” I am flooded with childhood memories. I recall sitting on my granny’s porch swing with my … [Read More...]


The Day My Debt Caught Up with Me

The Day My Debt Caught Up to Me

You never forget the crappy days. As much as you want to, you can't. I used to see this as a curse but now I see it as a blessing, for it's important for me to remember how far I've come. Or, how far He's brought me. Lately, God has been bringing me to new and exciting places. An example of this … [Read More...]