• Community Is Worth Fighting For

    I’ve been here before. In fact, I’m well-acquainted with this place. But just because I know it … [Read More]

    Community Is Worth Fighting For
  • Single Men in the Church: Where My Boys At? [Part 1]

    {Editor's Note: Single guys are in the minority in many of our churches today, and it doesn't seem … [Read More]

    Single Men in the Church: Where My Boys At? [Part 1]
  • If Our Hearts Need to Be Broken

    To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of good dating experiences. In my 25 years as a socially awkward … [Read More]

    If Our Hearts Need to Be Broken
  • Seasons of Singleness

    I live in Michigan, the Land of Dramatic Seasons. Winter, and especially this one, usually has snow, … [Read More]

    Seasons of Singleness
  • 5 Spiritual Questions to Ask Your Online Match

    According to the Internet, dating is getting both easier and more difficult. Online dating creates a … [Read More]

    5 Spiritual Questions to Ask Your Online Match

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The Match.com Experiment :: Lauren’s Story, Month 3

The Match.com Experiment :: Lauren’s Story, Month 3

Six months. That’s how long we’ve been eavesdropping on Lauren’s Online Dating Experiment. Three months on eHarmony, then three months on Match.com. Since she lives in Dallas and has been using two of the biggest online dating sites, you’d think a sister would be married by now, wouldn’t you? If it’s simply a numbers game, then Lauren’s biggest problem should be too many quality dates, right? … [Read More...]

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No More Shame...for Women or for Men

No More Shame…for Women or for Men

Last week my office buddy said he needed some advice. An old college friend was coming into town for a single night, and it was their last chance to hang out before the friend was deployed. The problem was, my coworker’s girlfriend was leaving town the next day for a short business trip. His question? “Should I hang out with my friend, or stay home … [Read More...]

Thoughts on a First Date

Thoughts on a First Date

Last night I realized a boy was about to ask me on a date. Last night a boy asked me what I was doing this weekend and I cried. Not happy tears. No girly screaming happening here. I cried an anxiety-filled cry. I panicked, requiring a best friend intervention. What's wrong with me I asked? Who cries when a boy shows interest in them? I am … [Read More...]

Singleness and the Enneagram

Singleness and the Enneagram :: Thinking More Clearly about Ourselves

I really hate it when people tell me I need to work on myself before pursuing a relationship with someone else. Seriously, it’s probably one of my top ten pet peeves, next to guys who ask me out on Twitter. It always comes off as slightly condescending when another person assumes that because I’m single, I don’t possess some vaguely defined … [Read More...]


Online Dating Dealbreakers

Christian Online Dating (in GIFs) :: Because Sometimes Words Aren’t Enough

If you've been doing the Christian online dating thing long enough, you've got stories to tell. Lots of stories. Between the questions your family and friends ask, the profiles you come across, the communications you receive from matches, or the dates you actually go on, some of us should start … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

Accountability Partner...Check. Now What Do We Do?

Accountability Partner…Check. Now What Do We Do?

It's been about six weeks since I moved to a new town and already I've had several long-distance friends remind me that I need an accountability partner. One even went so far as to give me a deadline. I love that they love me enough to gently push me. I'm not even joking. They also knew that I … [Read More...]


It was not what I had planned for myself, but God always provides.

When God Sends You to the Mission Field…Alone

At 24 years old I went on my first mission trip for three months to a country in Central Asia. I loved my time in that country, but I also got a taste of missionary life which made me realise that it would be hard going as a single. I declared that would only go back to this field if I were married. … [Read More...]

Church & Ministry

It seems like such a simple question really...

7 Ways Married Couples Can Serve Singles in the Church

As we began this SingleRoots journey, we were blessed by many of our married friends who supported and prayed for us. So many times we hear from them that the things we publish on the site are not just for single people and how they, too, have been encouraged by what they’ve read. Recently we … [Read More...]


Buying vs. Renting

Buying versus Renting :: 5 Questions to Consider

A few years ago, I was nearing the end of my apartment lease. I was a 29-year old single guy who was tired of apartment hopping, so I started to contemplate buying vs. renting. For the previous decade, I had avoided the idea of homeownership for the following reasons: I wanted to stay free … [Read More...]