• But What If I End Up Dying Alone?

    Over the past summer I got a chance to become part of the pharmacy team in the Emergency Room at my … [Read More]

    But What If I End Up Dying Alone?
  • Celibacy, Same-Sex Attraction, and Abundant Life

    When I plunged into a pursuit of Christ in 2010, the possibility of a lifetime of singleness wasn't … [Read More]

    Celibacy, Same-Sex Attraction, and Abundant Life
  • If Our Hearts Need to Be Broken

    To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of good dating experiences. In my 25 years as a socially awkward … [Read More]

    If Our Hearts Need to Be Broken
  • Instead of Chasing Purity

    Yes. This is another post about purity. But maybe not the one you’re expecting. This is not about … [Read More]

    Instead of Chasing Purity
  • Christian Online Dating (in GIFs) :: Because Sometimes Words Aren’t Enough

    If you've been doing the Christian online dating thing long enough, you've got stories to tell. Lots … [Read More]

    Christian Online Dating (in GIFs) :: Because Sometimes Words Aren’t Enough

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Best for Christian Singles? :: eHarmony vs Match

Best for Christian Singles? :: eHarmony vs Match

When it comes to the competition for finding the best Christian dating sites, there are two powerhouses: eHarmony vs Match. While other sites are certainly worthy candidates for helping you find the love of your life, few sites are as recognizable in the world of online dating as eHarmony or Match. (Read our extensive reviews for eHarmony or Match.) Ask anyone who’s spent any amount of … [Read More...]

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Best Christian Apps

Best Phone Apps for Christians :: 10 We’re Digging Right Now

What are the best phone apps for Christians? So you downloaded the YouVersion Bible and maybe you have a few apps you like, but you’re always on the lookout for others. Or maybe you're like us and you just like to hear what's working for other people. We don’t claim to know the best phone apps for Christians in their entirety, but there are … [Read More...]

Single and…Adopting a Child

Single and…Adopting a Child

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of our “Single and…” series where we will interview singles from all walks of life. It is our hope that you are encouraged by the stories of people who have a similar journey as you, who share the same dreams you have, who face the same hurdles you do, and who can remind you that you are not … [Read More...]

Delaying Marriage

Delaying Marriage :: Why Is Everyone Still Single?

“Why are you still single?” can be one of the more annoying questions singles are peppered with. And we never know who’s going to say it next—our distant relatives, the little old couple at church, an inquisitive niece or nephew, or even the great guy or girl we just met online. According to the latest data from the Pew Research Center, the … [Read More...]


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Friends…with Benefits? A Look at Opposite Sex Friendships

I know, I know… Why would that phrase be on a Christian singles website? Honestly speaking, I enjoy the shock value of the phrase “friends with benefits.” It’s the perfect response to those people inquiring about your opposite sex friendship in an effort to figure out your dating status. Of … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

Know of any good Bible study resources for singles?

Books and Bible Studies for Christian Singles: A Resource List

Okay, let the record show that just because you email us a question it does not mean that we're going to create a blog post about the contents of your question. We promise. It just so happens we've gotten some pretty good questions lately, and they seemed to be centered around topics we thought the … [Read More...]



The Single Most Important Thing Singles Can Do for Their Careers

The single most important thing singles can do for their careers? Be entrepreneurial with your time. Time is a commodity unique to non-parent singles in the working world. It should be thought of as an asset and invested like capital. You may think you are busy now, but just wait until you are … [Read More...]

Church & Ministry

Finding a Church When You're Single (in GIFs)

Finding a Church When You’re Single (in GIFs) :: Because Sometimes Words Just Aren’t Enough

We’ve all been there: Driving up to the church parking lot, debating whether or not to park in “visitor parking” and thus call further attention to our presence. Turning off the car and gathering all of our courage and determination—as well as a few accountability texts from our friends—and … [Read More...]


The Day My Debt Caught Up With Me

The Day My Debt Caught Up to Me

You never forget the crappy days. As much as you want to, you can't. I used to see this as a curse but now I see it as a blessing, for it's important for me to remember how far I've come. Or, how far He's brought me. Lately, God has been bringing me to new and exciting places. An example of this … [Read More...]