• Are You Hesitating on Relationships?

    “This above all: to thine own self be true,” was the first Shakespeare quote I remember knowing, … [Read More]

    Are You Hesitating on Relationships?
  • 13 Things I’ve Learned in My Thirties

    When we turned 33, my friend and I called it our “Jesus Year” or our “Year of Fulfillment.” We were … [Read More]

    13 Things I’ve Learned in My Thirties
  • Praying about More than a Husband

    I have a prayer group that I meet with every Sunday. There are five of us, with ages ranging from … [Read More]

    Praying about More than a Husband
  • Have You Been Pursued?

    “We love, because He first loved us.” 1 John 4.19 This is one of the simplest, yet most profound … [Read More]

    Have You Been Pursued?
  • Dear Eve:: Christian Dating Advice about Cats

    [Disclaimer: This new Sunday night post is meant to be a humorous feature that attempts to poke fun … [Read More]

    Dear Eve:: Christian Dating Advice about Cats

Featured Article:

Is Match.com Worth It?

Is Match.com Worth It?

Question: “Is Match.com Worth It?” The same question could be asked of any of the online dating sites. Are any of them worth it, especially when you’re a Christian and seeking like-minded Christian matches? Any answer to that question is purely subjective. But since we were asked, here are 5 reasons we think Match.com is worth it: … [Read More...]

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So What If They're Not Your Kids?

Single and…Investing in Kids That Aren’t Yours

Being an aunt or an uncle or a pseudo-aunt or uncle has its benefits. You get to be the fun friend or family member—the one who gets to spoil the kids, make them laugh, fill them with sugar and caffeine, and send them home. It’s a win-win for you and the kids. We can expose them to other interests or hobbies that their parents might not be … [Read More...]

Never Been Kissed (or in Love)

Never Been Kissed…or in Love

I’m in my thirties, and I’ve never been in a relationship. Some of you are thinking, “Well, surely you were in one in junior high school. That counts for something.” Let me clarify: Nope. Not a long time ago, not in high school, not in junior high, not ever. Just to clear a few things up that I know you’re probably also thinking: I’m not … [Read More...]

Budgeting Tips for Singles :: Mo’ Money, Less Problems?

Budgeting Tips for Singles :: Mo’ Money, Less Problems?

Okay, so maybe “mo’ money, less problems” isn’t a guarantee. But there is freedom in paying down debt and having extra money saved for emergencies. Choosing to follow some of these budgeting tips for singles could also free you to live with open hands and give generously at a moment’s notice. When you’re single, there’s less financial … [Read More...]

When Desire Gets the Best of Me

When Desire Gets the Best of Me

The other week, a friend had a question for me—one that I just don’t hear very often anymore as a thirtysomething single woman. Is it okay, he asked, if I give a friend of mine your phone number? Immediately, two things happened. First, I felt a fledgling hope begin to rise in my heart. A moment later, I smashed the tiny fledgling down, … [Read More...]


I've done some reflecting since my beginnings as a SingleRoots blogger six months ago...

What If I’m Single Just Because I’m Single?

It’s been almost six months since I was blessed with an opportunity to contribute regularly to SingleRoots. Realizing that, I went back and perused several of my posts. Each one, from cats to fictitious letters to my future wife, reminded me of what was happening in my life during that week. … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

When You Feel like You’re Regressing

When You Feel Like You’re Moving Backwards Instead of Forward

It’s difficult, maintaining progress. While it’s true the more you do something the easier it is to do, it is also true that resistance grows the more you do something. You have a goal or a vision and decide to see it through. That’s great and you’re making good progress. But what happens when you … [Read More...]


Battling Single Syndrome in the Workplace

Battling Single Syndrome in the Workplace

As singles we often face comments from others that are assumptions about our lives. Recently a friend of mine was the unwilling recipient of some advice related to her own body, based solely upon her age and single status. In the workplace this is frequently a happenstance for us as … [Read More...]

Church & Ministry

My Community :: Why I'm Part of a Singles Ministry

My Community :: Why I’m Part of a Singles Ministry

Let’s face it: finding a church home is not easy. There are so many variables to consider. And while no one likes the phrase “church shopping," sometimes it feels like we’re doing just that. There are some who might see a light shine down from Heaven, hear the “Hallelujah” chorus, and receive a … [Read More...]



YNAB Review :: The Not-So-Sexy First Step to Get Your Finances in Order

What is “YNAB” and why am I reviewing it? Well, because it has changed the course of my life, and I think you should know about it. But we’ll get to that in a minute. A while back, I discussed the best gift you can give your future spouse. You hear so much about keeping yourself sexually pure … [Read More...]