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We Met on Match.com and Got Married

We Met on Match.com and Got Married

We’ve shared stories from believers who have met on eHarmony and Christian Mingle, but we hadn’t yet shared a success story from a couple who had met on Match.com. Fortunately, when we sent an online dating survey to our email subscribers, one of our faithful SingleRoots readers, Lynn, told us that she and her husband, Allen, met on Match.com and wed in 2013. She also let us know that our … [Read More...]

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Redefining Soul Mates

Redefining Soul Mates

I’m just going to admit it right now: I’m a sucker for fairy tales. I love the idea of that one guy and that one girl meeting while singing in a forest/fighting ogres/at a ball, then falling in love and living happily ever after. Something about that serendipitous dream makes my little heart go pitter-patter. But when it comes to real life, … [Read More...]


Battle of the Online Dating Profiles :: Round 1

Most of us would agree on one thing: We dread writing an online dating profile. There's so much pressure to make a good first impression toward a host of online matches. We want to walk the fine line between standing out but not too strongly, being different but not appearing weird, and sharing our heart yet not getting too personal. It's an art, … [Read More...]

Finding a Church When You're Single (in GIFs)

Finding a Church When You’re Single (in GIFs) :: Because Sometimes Words Just Aren’t Enough

We’ve all been there: Driving up to the church parking lot, debating whether or not to park in “visitor parking” and thus call further attention to our presence. Turning off the car and gathering all of our courage and determination—as well as a few accountability texts from our friends—and walking toward the worship center. Our eyes shifting to … [Read More...]


Alone, Yet Not Lonely

Alone, Yet Not Lonely

I was facing one of the most difficult seasons of my life. And it didn’t help that I felt so alone in it. So there I was—an American, on the other side of the world (China), pouring out my heart to a friend and fellow missionary (from Australia)—hoping for some wisdom and clarity. She … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

Instant Mania: Giving Myself Permission to Grow Slowly

Instant Mania: Giving Myself Permission to Grow Slowly

Lately I’ve been thinking about small beginnings, and I’m growing more comfortable with them. See, I have these desires to be complete and perfect. And though I know their shadowy sides, I do not necessarily think they are bad desires. In one respect I think they can even be quite holy: true desires … [Read More...]



The Single Most Important Thing Singles Can Do for Their Careers

The single most important thing singles can do for their careers? Be entrepreneurial with your time. Time is a commodity unique to non-parent singles in the working world. It should be thought of as an asset and invested like capital. You may think you are busy now, but just wait until you are … [Read More...]

Church & Ministry

My Community :: Why I'm Part of a Singles Ministry

My Community :: Why I’m Part of a Singles Ministry

Let’s face it: finding a church home is not easy. There are so many variables to consider. And while no one likes the phrase “church shopping," sometimes it feels like we’re doing just that. There are some who might see a light shine down from Heaven, hear the “Hallelujah” chorus, and receive a … [Read More...]


Best Phone Apps for Christians :: 10 We’re Digging Right Now

Best Phone Apps for Christians :: 10 We’re Digging Right Now

What are the best phone apps for Christians? So you downloaded the YouVersion Bible, you’ve perused the app store, and you’re having a hard time figuring out which apps are worth the space on your phone? Or, maybe you have a few apps that you like, but you’re always on the lookout for others. We … [Read More...]