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Advent Resources

Advent Resources 2015

Advent began yesterday. For some, that's exciting. And for others...yeah, we saw that eye roll. Some of us are just over here doing our best to put up a tree and shop for gifts. We are down right weary and the last thing we want is someone else telling us that there's more we need to do during this chaotic season. But that's the thing: Advent isn't about adding to your to do list. It's about … [Read More...]

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eHarmony UK Review

eHarmony UK Review 2015 :: Christian Singles Tell It Like It Is

eHarmony UK Review :: Is It Any Better Than the Others? So you finally decided to try online dating. After months—maybe even years—of saying you’d never do it, you threw your hands in the air and admitted defeat. But if you’re being honest, something deep down inside of you is a little hopeful about the possibility of finding a relationship—or even just a decent date. You daresay you might even … [Read More...]

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A Thanksgiving Pep Talk

A Thanksgiving Pep Talk

I’m fortunate that my family never makes me feel pressured to get married, nor do they make me feel incomplete because my left hand lacks a wedding band. I realize, however, that my situation is not the norm for some of my friends. For them and many of you, the holidays are a glaring reminder that everyone else (possibly including yourself) thinks … [Read More...]

Matters of Life and Death

Matters of Life and Death

I’m amazed every year when Fall rolls around. It has always been my favorite season, even before I moved to a part of the country that actually had trees that changed colors. I love that first cool evening when you can finally pull out a sweater, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and of course, the changing colors. The year after I graduated from college, … [Read More...]

What If My Church Has a Lame Singles Ministry?

What If My Church Has a Lame Singles Ministry?

Listen, we’ll be the first to say that in the past, churches have largely ignored singles and their ministries to them have generally been an afterthought. But in our five years of existence, we’re encouraged by the conversations we’re seeing take place about how churches can better include singles within the Body. Whether or not your church … [Read More...]

Feeling Like I’ve Missed Out on Some Milestones

Feeling Like I’ve Missed Out on Some Milestones

I missed many of the milestones that I was supposed to reach in my life. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 18. I graduated college at 23, not 21. I’ve had more job interviews in my career field than I have had dates—one. My best efforts to begin a romantic relationship continue to be halted at the same age my sister and her husband had … [Read More...]


How to Frustrate Your Friends :: A Confession

How to Frustrate Your Friends: A Confession

I’m a fixer. I love to solve a good problem; I love a challenge. You can’t find a cheap 4-star hotel for your trip to New York City? Please, let me help. I’ll have 3 suggestions in your inbox by tomorrow morning. You want 100+ reluctant-to-read eighth graders to pass the state … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Retreat: A Weekend Away by Myself

Spiritual Retreat: A Weekend Away by Myself

I’ve never taken a trip by myself. I mean, I’ve traveled to meet up with friends and spent the night alone in a hotel room along the way. My passport has plenty of stamps, too, but there’s always been at least one person there with me when I was getting those stamps. Not too long ago, I found … [Read More...]


8 Ways to Serve Others While You're at Work

8 Ways to Serve Others While You’re at Work

We often think about ways to serve others in our home, in our church, or even in our city, but often we overlook our workplace. And it’s easy to do. After all, for many of us, it’s the one place we go to daily that we tolerate, but don’t exactly…love. Some of us are so busy counting down the … [Read More...]

Church & Ministry

Community Is Worth Fighting For

Community Is Worth Fighting For

I’ve been here before. In fact, I’m well-acquainted with this place. But just because I know it well doesn’t mean I love it. Or that I want to stay here. When it comes to community, I’ve been struggling on all fronts for a while. The ebb and flow of friendships is both a beautiful and … [Read More...]


Quieting your soul is essential to spiritual and emotional health...

A Technology Fast: Ideas to Help You Take a Break

I have a confession. There are times when I must force myself to take a technology fast. Why? Some mornings I check my phone, my iPad, and my laptop before I ever put my feet on the ground. Social networking is important in my line of work, but I would be lying if I didn’t confess that I … [Read More...]