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How Do I Mentally Prepare Myself for the Upcoming Wedding Season?

With Memorial Day ushering in the beginning of summer, it also means Wedding Season. You know, that glorious time of the year when it's difficult to plan your own summer vacation because you've got so many Saturday weddings on the calendar and you have few open weekends left. Summer wedding season can be hard for singles---even guys, though they don't always admit it.There are toasts and dances … [Read More...]

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Memorial Day Weekend :: Online Dating Deals

So here’s something interesting we’ve learned recently: The week of Valentine’s Day is the biggest week for people to sign up for online dating. (Okay, so that makes sense.) But the second largest weekend for online dating? Memorial Day weekend. Yeah, it surprised us a little bit too. But then we thought about it a little more: Memorial Day weekend is the launch of summer. Some people make a … [Read More...]

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8 Ways to Serve Others While You’re at Work

We often think about ways to serve others in our home, in our church, or even in our city, but often we overlook our workplace. And it’s easy to do. After all, for many of us, it’s the one place we go to daily that we tolerate, but don’t exactly…love. Some of us are so busy counting down the minutes and seconds until we are free to leave … [Read More...]

As a Single Adult, What Should I Look for in a Church?

The (dreaded) Church Search. Whether we're currently enduring it or we had to go through it once after college (lucky, you!), we shudder at the thought of shopping searching for a church home.  There are so many things to consider when looking for a church, but many of us feel our singleness adds another layer to the frustration. Some of us don't … [Read More...]

Who Knows What You’re Doing?

A few years ago, a friend of mine was driving back from an NFL draft party and felt severe head pain and started throwing up. He pulled over and somehow had the presence of mind to call 911. They took him to the hospital and, of course, his wife came. He was released to go home with a diagnosis of the flu. While at home in bed, he kept … [Read More...]

Is It Important to Have a Mentor?

There's a lot of talk these days about getting a mentors. And there are a lot of people who think it's just that...a bunch of talk. If one falls into your lap, then it's probably worth having. But actively seeking out a mentor---who's got the time or energy for that? So is there something to it? Is it really worth it to find an older, wiser person … [Read More...]


Are You Hesitating on Relationships?

“This above all: to thine own self be true,” was the first Shakespeare quote I remember knowing, thanks to Gilligan’s Island reruns. I always imagined being grown, married, and raising my children with my wife. Most of my friends wanted to go into space; I wanted a family. I’ve always … [Read More...]

Spiritual Growth

My World Stood Still, but Everyone Else’s Kept Going (and How They Prayed Me Through It)

In October, I had a conversation with my brother about how our immediate family had never really known tragedy. It was one of those conversations you almost hate to speak out loud and you ridiculously express concern that you might be asking for bad things to happen. Kinda like the notion of not … [Read More...]


The Art of Traveling Alone

I love the world, and I never feel so alive as when I am exploring a new place. My fierce determination to see Croatia and Greece - two countries I had long dreamed about visiting - saw me embarking on a two-week adventure, alone, this past July. My wanderlust officially became stronger than my … [Read More...]

Church & Ministry

My Community :: Why I’m a Part of a Women’s/Men’s Small Group

{Editor's Note: This is the second in a 4-part series designed to share where Christian singles are finding community in the church. Our hope is that it will encourage those who have yet to find their place to not give up.} If you drop the term "singles group" in conversation, a lot of … [Read More...]


Alone on a Saturday Night? 8 Things to Do with Your Evening

Being alone on Saturday night is not necessarily a bad thing, you know. Many of us like the peace and quiet and nothingness an occasional night home alone affords us. But there are times, for some of us, when it happens just a little too often. Maybe you’re new to a town or you’re searching … [Read More...]