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What I Learned from the Career I Was Never Meant to Have

I wanted to be a writer when I graduated from college, but I never thought of myself as a career woman. It was the mid-90s, and it was still common for many girls to get married soon after school and begin the full-time job of stay-at-home mom. I thought that was my destiny, too—I would just write some freelance articles to bring in extra income while the kids were napping. But the … [Read More...]

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eHarmony Plus

eHarmony Plus :: Breaking Down eHarmony’s Premium Service

Those of us who’ve used eHarmony might’ve been a little miffed when watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and saw Walter get a personalized phone call and help with his eHarmony account. https://youtu.be/Qnh-jVSNLoc It would’ve been nice to have our own Todd from eHarmony to help us sort through what is lacking on our profiles or occasionally help us overcome…well, ourselves. Of course … [Read More...]

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What’s the Biggest Difference Between Being Single in My 20s and Being Single in My 30s?

Is being single in your 20s a world apart from singleness in your 30s, or is it pretty much the same except with better furniture? Is there really a big difference between the two decades? And if so, do we all experience some similar realizations or epiphanies?  Do some of us find the freedom to thrive in our single states, or do we all end up … [Read More...]

Are You Praying for a Spouse?

Are You Praying for a Spouse?

"If you build it, he will come." Hey, it worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams so surely the maxim must also be true for singles, right? "If you pray it, he/she will come." Well, actually, there's a bit of disagreement among Christians who are single about whether or not we should be praying for a spouse. Matthew 21:22 says, … [Read More...]

What’s the Best Way to Get on a Budget?

What’s the Best Way to Get on a Budget?

The majority of people tuned out when they saw the word “budget” in the title. Bo-ring. Why can’t we talk about more fun stuff like relationships? But others are desperate. Your finances are getting worse and worse as your debt continues to climb, so you’re really interested in seeing how other singles are dealing with their own finances. … [Read More...]

25 Things Singles Should Know

25 Things Singles Should Know

I went on a 9-hour road trip with one of my best friends recently, which means 9 hours of conversation about everything that is right and wrong with the world. On our journey, we read aloud 2 of Relevant Magazine’s articles: 20 Things Every Twentysomething Should Know How to Do and The Before You’re 40 Bucketlist. After determining that we’d … [Read More...]


Yes, I am a very classy guy.

What I Learned from Attending (Yet Another) Wedding

If you’re reading this, chances are you are not married. Make a mental note right now: Invite me to your wedding. If necessary, provide airfare and accommodations. I am not good at a lot of things but going to weddings and making them fun is one of the blessings our great God has bestowed upon … [Read More...]

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When You'd Prefer Any Other Season Than the One You're In

When You’d Prefer Any Other Season Than the One You’re In

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2) I’ve been studying the book of Ecclesiastes with a dozen or so college girls, and this week we arrived at the times … [Read More...]


College Tips and Advice

College Tips and Advice :: Letters to My Undergraduate Self

There's no shortage of college tips and advice being dished out around the world. We know this. But we also know that we have SingleRoots readers who are in college. Some of them have even written guest posts for us. The beauty of this community is that we can actually put into practice some of the … [Read More...]

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singles in the church

7 Ways Married Couples Can Serve Singles in the Church

As we began this SingleRoots journey, we were blessed by many of our married friends who supported and prayed for us. So many times we hear from them that the things we publish on the site are not just for single people and how they, too, have been encouraged by what they’ve read. Recently we … [Read More...]



YNAB Review :: The Not-So-Sexy First Step to Get Your Finances in Order

What is “YNAB” and why am I reviewing it? Well, because it has changed the course of my life, and I think you should know about it. But we’ll get to that in a minute. A while back, I discussed the best gift you can give your future spouse. You hear so much about keeping yourself sexually pure … [Read More...]