SingleRoots Weekend Edition :: 1/14-1/15

Go back to bed. Take a nap. Get some rest.

After a week that involved surviving a Friday the 13th, a BCS championship game that didn’t turn out quite like many expected, as well as saying goodbye to Dublin Dr. Pepper, it’s so time for the weekend. Here’s to sleeping late and a new episode of Downton Abbey on Sunday night. (If you’re not watching it, get thee to to the PBS website or Netflix and catch up, stat!) And while you’re doing all that “weekending,” here’s a little extra reading material:

The Differences Between Religion and the Gospel :: Tullian Tchividjian tweeted a link to this post that he wrote for the Gospel Coalition back in 2009. He lists a number of comparisons that Tim Keller makes between religion and the Gospel. “…Real slavery according to the Bible is self-reliance. So, read the comparison list below with humility and care. It will do your soul good.”

Secret Church–Good Friday–Ticket & Simulcast Info :: If you’ve ever wanted to go to Brook Hills in Birmingham and experience Secret Church in person, tickets go on sale soon. But if you can’t make it to Birmingham, and your church is not participating, get some friends together, register for the simulcast, make copies of the booklet, and gather in your living room for the Good Friday Secret Church service. Oh, and did we mention that this meeting’s topic is “The Cross and Suffering”? Yeah…you will not be sorry.

Human Trafficking: Recommended Reading :: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day was this week. Maybe you have only recently started hearing about it, or maybe you’re looking to dig even deeper into your understanding of trafficking. The Resurgence put together a great post that runs the gamut on the topic.

Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast :: A reminder from Michael Hyatt that our days go much better when we get some basic disciplines taken care of first.


We first saw Tripp and Tyler perform at Catalyst Dallas last spring. The dudes are funny, and they’re Christians. This is their parody of that that other thing…“Stuff” Girls Say and that short-lived William Shatner sitcom, “Stuff” My Dad Says. It was uploaded on the 10th and already has over 2 million hits (possibly because Mashable highlighted it this week, too). It’s entitled, “‘Stuff’ Nobody Says.”


*Photo credit: Camzor

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