SingleRoots Saturday Edition :: 1/21

Thank you, Al Gore.

Since that whole SOPA/PIPA blackout thing this week, we’re just glad to be here and that the internet is still up and running. We needed it to be able to learn about important things like who did/did not win Golden Globes and the medical diagnosis drama surrounding one of our favorite Food Network stars. Nobody watches television for their news anymore anyway. Twitter is the new CNN, after all. (Or is that Rob Lowe is the new ESPN? We forget.)

Here’s what we’ve got for you this Saturday morning:

5 Lessons from MLK on Living, Leading, and Communicating :: Reflections on the legacy of MLK as the nation remembered his birthday earlier in the week. “There is nothing safe about being honest, nothing comfortable about doing the right thing.”

Download Bloodlines for Free :: The PDF version of Piper’s latest book about racial reconciliation is available for free. In November, we posted the Bloodlines video where Piper discusses his journey through racial intolerance to redemption, so if you’re new to the site, you might want to check it out too.

Now Is the Time for Thinking :: A thoughtful post from Andy Merrick that references Nelson Mandela, Justin Bieber, and seeing God face-to-face. Now you know you have to read it.

If I Die: Facebook App Lets You Leave Sweet Last Words :: Speaking of seeing God face-to-face, there’s an app for that. Well, an app for what you want to tell your loved ones before you head on off to Glory. No, we don’t make this stuff up.


The new and final David Crowder Band album is out. And it is stunning. If you haven’t gotten it yet, here’s a preview of what you’re missing:


And that makes us sad that this is the last we’ll be hearing of DCB. Which, in turn, makes us a little wistful of days gone by and the greatness of the art they produced. Like this video: (Excuse me while I go get my Lite Brite out of my parents’ attic.)


And, because we love you and we want to make sure that your Saturday is complete, meet Riley. She’s onto the toy companies and their deceptive marketing practices, and she will be having none of that junk. She’s perfected the rant at such a young age…



*Photo credit: balleyne

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